Hi and thank you for stopping by!  I hope you are well and safe during this crazy time.  At long last, I am ready to share new music with you!  The first single from my new record, While the Angels Sigh, is available now HERE.


You can preorder the new record (starting on 2/24) with some cool bundles (autographed cds – while supplies last, limited edition t-shirt, handwritten lyrics, private zoom serenade, etc.)  in the Blue Élan Records store.


Here’s an article from that sums up the new album perfectly: 

During the most stressful time of her adult life, Cindy Alexander wrote and recorded her tenth studio album. Through the most trying of conditions; her mother dying from dementia, navigating through the pandemic and civil protests, all while teaching her twin daughters from home during the “Safer at Home” order, Cindy’s strength and creativity came to the fore. While the Angels Sigh, set for release on April 23, 2021, is at once a musical affirmation of personal power and grace, and an acceptance of human weakness and fallibility. Cindy has written a songbook for the “sandwich generation,” with wisdom for millennials, and gratitude to the generations that came before her.

It took two years to curate the song list with executive producer and label co-founder, Kirk Pasich. “It was two years of me digging deep, during a dark time, to believe in myself and my musical mission,” Cindy explains. “I committed to sharing my truth and my passion, to work with people who could help me manifest my vision, and seized the opportunity to create without being edited, censored or silenced. I am so very blessed that Blue Élan Records gave me that opportunity.”

Cindy entered Sage & Sound Studio at the end of 2019 with a dream team of musicians, led by producer/bass player Sean Hurley (Vertical Horizon, John Mayer, Colbie Caillat) and producer/drummer Victor Indrizzo (Alanis Morissette, Chris Cornell). The first song they recorded also happens to be the first single, “Try Try Try,” a co-write with Cindy’s career-long collaborator, Grammy award-nominated producer and songwriter, David Darling. The song is about trying to connect and reignite the passion, when life gets in the way and distracts us from what really matters. While writing, a distracted Cindy had fallen and broken her elbow and wrist while running to make a meeting. It was Kirk’s idea to record a second “live” version of the song as an acoustic ballad, turning a sexy bar burner into a trippy, hypnotic siren song.

Other star players on the album include guitarist David Levita (Alanis Morissette, Lana Del Rey, Sheryl Crow) and piano from Michael Farrell (Alanis Morissette, Macy Gray). Second single,”Broken but Beloved,” a song about impermanence, was recorded with Grammy award-winning producer and engineer Ross Hogarth at Sunset Sound with Cindy’s dear friend and touring buddy, Michael Bacon (one-half of the Bacon Brothers and award-winning composer) contributing cello from his studio in New York.

The remaining songs were recorded during lockdown last year, from home studios to social distanced recording sessions, tracks were transferred back and forth throughout the year’s quarantine before finally finishing up in Cindy’s bedroom at her new home in Big Sur. Although the creative process was a challenge, the result is a triumph. While the Angels Sigh is an achingly personal album that speaks to and for all of us, and a musical tribute to a broken but beloved humanity.


The photos for this record were taken by the iconic Tom Gundelfinger O’Neal.  He’s the genius behind the Crosby, Stills & Nash cover for Deja Vu and some of the most famous photos of Joni Mitchell.  Yeah, I’m pinching myself over the whole experience.


Hope to see you on the road when the Covid curtain lifts.  We’re long past due for a hug.

The release of a cd is like the birth of a child. “Wait!” you say…”You’re a Mom. How can you say that!?” Why, because I’m a Mom. Because the miracle of creating something out of nothing takes different forms. Sometimes it’s human, sometimes it’s art. Sometimes it’s magic, and sometimes it’s crafted from the mind, the heart and the soul. A child is all that – human and art, magic, mind, heart and soul. Music is not human, but it can allow us to find and feel our humanity. Both can renew our faith.

This has been a year of tremendous loss, felt throughout the world as we watch one tragedy after another.   To everyone touched by the recent devastating events (and I can’t imagine anyone hasn’t been), I believe that it’s a collective heart that’s been broken. We can pick up the pieces together, and carry on. All I need to do is look in my children’s eyes and know – we don’t have a choice.

“Fading out and falling away
On the path of least resistance
Day by day by day
We can change it if we try”

(From “Path of Least Resistance” by Colin Devlin/Cindy Alexander – off the new record Deep Waters)

Throughout my life, I have used music to heal, to transform, and to connect. I am so blessed to be able to make music, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.


Are we melting yet? How’s that tan? I have a ton of sunscreen samples if you need one. Hit me up at a show.

Oh it’s been an eventful Summer already! I’ve been impersonated on Tinder, I got not one, but TWO hole-in-one shots at the Tiki Adventure Miniature Golf, I witnessed Pig Racing for the first time at the County Fair, AND I had a dream that I was on a reality show with Brittany Spears. If you’d like to hear all about it, please come to my shows this summer. I do love to tell stories!

In between rehearsing for tour and shuttling my girls to their various activities and playdates, I’ve been writing.  Long drives on tour opened up the flood gates in my memory and some of those have turned into songs.   I look forward to sharing them with you soon.

I’ll be hopping all over the U.S. this Summer and Fall – West Coast, East Coast, South, Midwest and Northwest, and am still keeping my schedule flexible for Home Invasions (house concerts). Don’t be shy, send me an email to if you can gather 30-50 people with open hearts and open ears. Call it a pot luck and you have yourself a phenomenal *and economical* night of music and merriment!

Father’s Day is this weekend so I thought I’d dig out this little ditty from last year for you.  Chip and I recorded this in one take as a home demo, but when Dante Pasquinelli synched up pictures and videos from friends and family – the song took on a life of it’s own.  I hope you enjoy it.  You can also download the tune at iTunes and make your own video for your Daddy!  Or just send him mine 🙂

Hope to sing for you in person this Summer. Enjoy the extra sunshine and thank you so much for supporting indie music!
Cindy aka p-nut

In case you didn't believe me, here it is:  Pig Racing at the San Diego County Fair.  #1 was named Kevin Bacon.  I was bummed he lost to Piggy Azalea, #2.
In case you didn’t believe me, here it is: Pig Racing at the San Diego County Fair. #1 was named Kevin Bacon. I was bummed he lost to Piggy Azalea, #2.