My best fur friend

Oliver has been my best fur friend since 1995.  The first time I brought a guy back to my apartment after adopting Oliver, he knocked over the roses, emptied my kitchen pantry onto the floor and generally made a war zone out of my living space.  Yeah, he LOOOOOOVED me bad. He protected, he soothed, he nurtured and he understood.  He knew everything about me and still thought I was pretty cool.  Go figure.  As I explained to Perry and Jette (now 2 years 9 mos.), Oliver went to Heaven to be with his sisters Kahlua and Mojo, and he’s not coming back.  And as Jette explained to me, “Oliver went Home.”

I know Chip wants a break from having cat fur in his food, but I don’t know how long I can go without a pet.  He says “you’ve got KIDS for G-d’s sake – why do you need another cat?”  Because I think that people who don’t have pets are…weird. Are you still reading?  Are you one of those who does not have a pet?  OK, maybe “Weird” is harsh.  I just think it’s a warm fuzzy to have a pet and you are more likely to be a cold prickly if you don’t have one.  Note that I italicized “more likely” so that you can remove yourself from the lump if need be.  If you don’t have a pet, I hope you at least have a plant that you water more than once a month.

I’m sad.  I just wanted to try to write it out of me but I know that’s not going to happen tonight.  Kiss your pets for me and hold them extra close tonight.



The cd will be officially released on March 15, 2012, but if you reaaallllllly wanna hold that puppy in your hot little hands and learn every word before the cd release parties, then you can pre-order and receive it about a week or so before the official release.  Autographed!  Here’s how to do it:

Send $15 (includes s/h) to Cindy Alexander c/o JamCat Records
2658 Griffith Park Boulevard #829
Los Angeles, CA 90039-2520


Cover photo by Shannon Treglia, Makeup by John Stapleton for MAC, Hair by Kim Ferry