IMG_9758RINSE – REUSE- RECYCLE.  I was just thinking that it’s kind of like that with life too, not just our trash. I reach this time of year and I start thinking back on what worked/ what didn’t/ what I need to improve, and I forgive myself. I rinse the muck that only weighs me down. I decide to reuse the gifts and inspiration that I’ve been blessed with, refine them, and recycle in the sense that I’m gonna throw them back into the universe to be picked up by some unsuspecting soul for whom my music may someday resonate. OK, so maybe it’s far fetched… but I woke up this morning with those 3 words in my head. Probably because my six year old twins berated me for forgetting my reusable shopping bags at the market yesterday.

Compilation CD benefitting The Alliance for Children's Rights Speaking of my kids… my daughter Jette appears on the new Blue Élan Christmas compilation with her debut performance of “Santa on Vacation.” You can check it out HERE ( . The 17 song cd benefits The Alliance for Children’s Rights, a 5 star charity which protects the rights of impoverished and abused children so that they have safe, stable homes, healthcare and the education they need to thrive. 100% of label profits go to the charity. ‪#NoBrainer‬. Please consider purchasing here: Features great songs by Janiva Magness, Rusty Young (Poco), Jack Tempchin (Eagles songwriter), Rita Wilson, Colin Devlin, Janey Street, me and many more. I hope you get a chance to add these tunes to your holiday collection.

I just got back from my last Home Invasion concert of the year in Texas. Ali Handal and I had a blast. If you care to follow our antics, please “like” my music page on Facebook (  I post a lot of videos when I am on the road. My “Traffic Jams” with Ali have become quite popular! Please email me if you’d like to schedule a Home Invasion (private house concert) for yourself! They are super fun and affordable. I’m trying to keep my tour schedule up to date at Bands In Town – it’s a good way to track me and see if I’m in your area.

Before I head off to my new imitation/ poor man’s Temperpedic Bed (my latest obsession…it really did cure my back ache!), I wanted to send you my very best for the Holidays. I hope you continue to find beauty and magic throughout the New Year, and may your life be blessed with health, happiness, love, laughter and beautiful music.

Peace out, p-nut (aka Cindy Alexander)

“Let me be clear
It’s a Happy New Year
What’s broken is still in our hands
You’ve got the pieces I’m missing
And I’ve got the plan…”

~ From “For Auld Lang Syne” available on A Blue Élan Christmas or Christmas is Here (EP)