My most beautiful song is a duet

I almost blamed my kids for that horrible smell wafting through the house. But it’s worse outside. I read the news – it could be the Salton Sea but scientists are baffled. Whatever it is, according to “Experts,” the smell of rotten eggs and/or dirty diapers taking over Los Angeles is not a health threat. However, it’s keeping me up and therefore, it is affecting my health – in my opinion. Since I should be sleeping but can’t, I decided to say hello to my website and the lovely YOU reading this.

Continuing with the subject of THIS SMELLS, my gig at Newport Dunes was CANCELED a second time. Let’s just call it circumstances beyond my control and practices beyond my comprehension. I’m quite bummed because I was looking forward to seeing many friends and fans on the beach for a musical picnic. As I just told my friend and guitar player Luis Maldonado, sometimes plans that go awry are actually Assistance and Redirection towards that which will lead us to a more productive and beneficial fulfillment of our desire. Well, it’s a nice way to look at it and it keeps me from getting too pissy.

Because if I really wanted to get pissy…I could over my video, which is still not complete. The editing process is like swimming in a tar pit. Once again I sit myself down and talk to myself (so that if you didn’t think I was insane, you do now) and say Pnut, calm down. It’s all about Patience, my big lesson in life. I know it well. Some day, one day, I WILL have a video of “Wonderful” to share with you. And I STILL have feathers throughout my house to prove that we did indeed shoot it. Not a goose, the video. Thank you Joe & Kristi Nimziki, Gonzalo Amat, Austin Harris, Marla Sokoloff, Landon Ashworth, Tiffany Johnson, Ashley Carson, Shane Stanley, Meg Barrick, Mark Espinoza, Kash Hovey, Emma Lukin, Anthony Grana, Rick Mattie, Terry Watson, Amanda Capamaccio, John Stapleton, Cris Garcia, Rachel Brown, Dorit Wright, Nick Robert Ballesteros, Lindsay Caldwell, Lauren Wanner, Mike and Stephanie Morris, John Woller, Hanna M. Devine, Parker T. Riley, Catherine Aquino, Denise Weintraub, Tommie Moreland, Savanah Wernick,Lexi Yamron, Kaleigh Wernick, Kim Ferry, Alfonso’s Breakaway Glass, Kami Lerner, El Conquistador, Reform School, Don Adkins, Javier, Wooden Nickel Lighting, Jenna von Oy, Steven Neibert, Craig & Lynne Hawley and The French Girls. Extra special thanks to Chip Moreland for giving me the time to do this and the extra support throughout the stressful preparation and clean up. Making this video WAS two of the greatest days I’ve had in years. Hopefully you’ll be able to see that soon.

Totally off subject except for the fact that it has to do with me, the JOHN HIATT show at Saint Rocke was such an honor and I had a great time opening up for him. I met the entire band and crew (great bunch of guys), but not Mr. Hiatt. I did, however, stand directly in front of him for his entire show. I stood for an hour and a half in 5 inch platforms and my toes are still numb (a week later). My cheeks still hurt from smiling. The things we do for love. Cry Love. Extra special thanks to the beautiful and talented JANIVA MAGNESS who literally saved my voice. The day before I damaged my vocal cords at a recording session because of taking Zyrtec (dried out my voice). Janiva taught me a trade secret that involves “huffing” Afrin. I can’t explain it to you – she had to come up to the dressing room and personally show me a half hour before the show. But it WORKED and I had my voice back for 3 hours. And then I turned into a pumpkin. But I wasn’t a pumpkin for the show and that’s what matters.

Before Jack the cat walks across my keyboard (again) and makes me retype this entire blog (again), I will sign off. Til next time,

PS: Happy Birthday to my brother Marc 🙂