Before it comes out from someone else’s post….I want to be the one to tell you that I will be FINE, better than fine actually. I’m a warrior with no choice but to win. I am joining 1 in every 8 women born today who will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and I have the inspiration of the warriors who have fought before me. I was just diagnosed with breast cancer- caught it at the EARLIEST stage. I feel immensely grateful, lucky and blessed for the hindsight and experience of my parents who are both survivors. I was diligently watched and the only reason we caught it when we did is that I insisted on yearly MRI’s as a high risk candidate. My mammograms and ultrasounds were CLEAR! I am having the “Angelina” , just a beat behind. I’m having my surgery (a double mastectomy) on 7/26 and will be ready to tour with a new set- in more ways than 1- by Winter! For those of you who see my kids, please understand that they only know Mommy has an “owie” in her booby and the doctors are going to make it all better. We’re keeping it simple and they are my biggest concern right now. Jette has made sure to tell the checkout clerk at the market, the pharmacist, the mailman and everyone at a birthday party about Mommy’s boobie. So I thought I would tell you before my 4 year olds secretly open a twitter account. I have the best friends and family a person could ask for – and we’re Stronger Together. Now you know where that song came from  XO pnut

July 15, 2013 Update:

I’m thinking of having a Boob Voyage party.  The party games will include the bra toss (into a fire pit).  Woke up staring at the two things that infused life into my children for a year while I played “Love Will Keep Us Alive” (Eagles) in the back ground.  Cow’s milk is off the list.  I guess I finally have an excuse to buy a pet goat.  You know I love goats….   But I digress.  Meeting today with the Dr. who will upgrade my avatar after it’s been sliced.  I’m currently avoiding tv shows like Dexter.  I realize that some of my posts may be waaaaaay too much for some of you. That’s ok – just block the news feed.  I will try to keep it under control but realize that this is who I am right now and I’ve never been one to edit myself, much to Mommy’s dismay (but she loves me unconditionally ~ and she is with me step by step through this process).  Chip gets to go shopping with me today….I told him there are no catalogues (unless you want to pick up trashy mags), just a few bins of squishy things that look like mini floatation devises for grunion.   Should be fun.

Art Appreciation



Bobby Prize

July 16, 2013 Update  Resting up in my childhood bedroom. Mommy taking good care of me. This was the booby prize after today’s surgery (Part 1 of hopefully only 3). For those of you whom are not faint of breast, google “nipple delay.” The last thing I remember before I fell asleep on propofol was my smiling surgeon saying “think about a beautiful place you would like to vacation….” I said “The Italian Alps… Perhaps Lake Maggiore.” She said “It’s cold there… Here’s a blanket.” Then I was in a light warm and fluffy place. I just got off the phone with Dr. Lesley Taylor (Goddess/ Surgical Oncologist) and she told me the part of that conversation I completely forgot. She said she asked me “What’s the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?” and I answered “Watching my children breathe.” Thank you all for the incredible emails and posts on Facebook. You are making this inconvenient and uncomfortable adventure a lot easier than it would be without your support. Love, Cindy


Wednesday July 17th Update This is a Public Service Announcement. Cancer is NOT in charge. Therefore, today I confirmed a show with Rick Springfield at the Canyon Club on September 20th. It’s good to have a goal. See you there. In the meantime, back to my nap.

July 23 Update

I had a long talk with my boobs this morning – part of the long ceremonial goodbye before Friday’s Boob-Off. For those of you who are just now tuning & may find this shocking – deal with it.   Anyway…. I realized that the first time we became acquainted with each other was in 2nd Grade. March 17th to be exact. I was dressed in Luv-it Jeans with little ice cream cones on the back pockets, and had chosen a super soft light blue long sleeved shirt. It was cold outside. As I got on the school bus, this little jerk named B*** B***** (Mom said I’m not allowed to say his name because after all “he was just a little kid” and “it’s in bad taste to say his name”) pinched my right boob and gave me a titty-twister. This was no minor cop a feel – I got a bruise. Apparently I had forgotten it was St. Patrick’s Day. And apparently so did Mom and Dad, who let me out of the house in sacrificial clothing. Remembering that “To err is human, to forgive divine” I sincerely say: Mom, Dad, and B*** B***** – I forgive you.