To my Friends, Fans and Fellow “nuts,” old and new – THANK YOU for sharing the musical journey of 2023 with me.  Whether we met at a show, out and about or online, each and every one of you have been a valued part of the Blessing.

My year started out with the incredible opportunity of playing the NAMM show in L.A. and then paying tribute to Judy “Blue Eyes” Collins at the She Rocks Awards, where I sang “When I was a Girl in Colorado” and “Send in the Clowns” in front of the Goddess herself.
Here’s a little snippet of that: Video of Judy Collins Tribute

While you’re on my YouTube page, please subscribe (new video releasing in January!) and check out the videos for “Call Us What We Are” (NSFW – spicy language) and “House without Windows.”  All of the aforementioned videos could not be more different from each other.

Variety has been the theme this year! My album, Messy, which released in July, is a genre defying exploration of chaos, creativity, and ultimately, clarity.    What’s clear is that I don’t belong in a box.  And I don’t fit a mold.  Critics seemed to appreciate the abandon:

“a stunning demonstration of her exceptional songwriting and soulful, uninhibited vocals.” –

“Alexander establishes herself not just as a premier songwriter but as one of today’s most dazzling and daring vocalists. She strips her instrument to its essence, both musically and emotionally.” – EDMREKORDS

“a captivating blend of introspection and musical ingenuity” –

“Messy is a triumphant celebration of authenticity and a musical energy that leaves a lasting imprint on the heart and mind.”

With its mix of introspection and playful wordplay, “Messy” is a must-listen for those seeking an album that combines depth and catchiness in equal measure. –

If you haven’t heard it yet, Messy can be streamed on Apple Music and Spotify, and is available as a CD HERE.

I had a great summer tour with Rusty Anderson (Paul McCartney’s guitar player) on the West Coast and then met The Bacon Brothers on the East Coast in the Fall for some wonderful shows.  The house concerts in between the theaters and clubs were some of my favorites – getting up close and personal, sharing stories and meals, hikes, museums, farms, vineyards- it’s all part of the adventure that I love.

Back on the home front, here in Big Sur, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching.  Family will always come first for me – my teenage daughters are growing up so fast!  I’m so lucky that I get to be their mom, and thank G-d every day that I have a great partner in raising them (who also happens to play drums). As I type this, we are in the midst of our first storm of the season.  The power is flickering and I have the candles ready.  In the dark and quiet is where my creative spirit rests and regenerates.

I’ve chosen to also go “dark” on social media for a few weeks.  We could all use that break, right? Sometimes I scroll through my pages and think of a line I wrote for my very first CD:  I’m “sick of myself.”   Truth: I don’t strive to be a social media influencer. I don’t want to take selfies. I want to create music that makes you feel something.  I create content and show up on stage to CONNECT.  I don’t need to be internet famous and I don’t measure success by “likes” and “follows.”  If my song becomes YOUR song, then I am successful.  It also feels ridiculous to promote music considering current events.  There is so much pain and anger in the world.  We’re all processing the news in our own way.  For me, as an empath, I get absolutely overwhelmed and need to take a step back.  When I reappear on stage, I pray that music will heal both me and you.

Now looking ahead:  In January, I’m back out on the road with The Bacon Bothers in Texas.  (Click the link for ticket info.)  They always bring joy and laughter, and I’m looking forward to reconnecting.  I’m also thrilled to announce that my voice appears on two songs (We Belong and San Juaquin) on their upcoming record, Ballad of the Brothers, which releases in April 2024.  It’s such an honor to be able to sing with my favorite musical brothers, Michael and Kevin.

THANK YOU for stopping by my website to check in. I truly appreciate the support.  Hope to sing for you in person soon! From the bottom of my heart, I wish you and yours a Happy New Year.

Cindy (aka P-nut)