Cover photo by Shannon Treglia, Makeup by John Stapleton for MAC, Hair by Kim Ferry

10 More Days and Every Rise and Fall will be available to the world thanks to the indie-friendly sites like iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon (all dot coms of course).  I’ve been going a bit bleary eyed signing and packaging up CD pre-orders.  THANK YOU to everyone who jumped in early – I hope you’re at the CD release party/shows singing along.

I had quite the reality check a few weeks ago.  I sent my first mass e-mail in about 5 years and got a response that read “Who are you and how do I know you?”  Um.  Well.  Ok.  See, I ONLY send these emails to people who signed up from my website or at a show, so this person must have been drunk when she signed the list or hitting on whoever was holding the clipboard at the time.  In any case, it sucks to be forgotten.  Especially when you’re of the ilk that likes to make an impression 😉 So you know what I did?  I opened up my CD cabinet and took out JR Richard’s CD Beautiful End and played the song “Never Forgotten.”  Ahhhhhh I felt so much better.  His music was my comfort food.   I’ve been fortunate enough to open for him and his band Dishwalla several times.  But the real healing from that ego sting was the flood of emails from those of you who welcomed me back into your lives, eager for new music.  I can’t wait to share it with you!

I must admit that this post is being updated a half hour later, after a blow dry.  Blow drying a mane such as mine offers the opportunity to rethink your entire life.  So I decided that there is yet another source of healing and regeneration, and a very powerful one.  It’s the opportunity to start over.  Heck, I look at my email list and see all those hotmail addresses and think: that’s like wearing Dolphin shorts and drinking Bartles & James.  People just don’t do that anymore. These people don’t exist.  They really don’t – all those emails bounce.   I think back at my previous cd’s and can honestly say: “I’ve changed.”  I’m not the same person.  What you hear on Every Rise and Fall, that is Me.  Now.  That being said, I’m starting a new email list.

Now that I’m bathed, blown dry and updated, I gotta go exfoliate and catch some zzz’s.

XO pnut