L.A. Music Critic, December 2016

Cindy is nominated for THREE L.A. Music Critics Awards ~ Best Female CD (Deep Waters), Cindy for Best Pop/Rock Artist and Best Christmas Single (“Christmas Song”).  Check out all the nominees here.

Riveting Riffs

“Deep Waters is not only Cindy Alexander’s best album in our estimation, but we are now nearing the end of July and it is the best record that Riveting Riffs Magazine has listened to in 2016.” Click here for the full article.

Guitar World, July 2016

“Exploring love in all of its forms— the passionate, sexual, the sacred and the maternal, even love that’s remorseful and misguided, Deep Waters is an insightful collection that exposes Alexander as a fearlessly skilled songwriter, singer and artist in every sense of the word.” Click here for full article.

Indie Voice Blog, July 2016

“Every song on Deep Waters hits the mark and delivers what will surely be seen as a milestone in Alexander’s career. Indie Voice Blog is proud to highly recommend Deep Waters as one of the best albums of 2016.” Click here for full article.

“An American Girl” wins L.A. Music Critic Award in December 2015!

Click here to read article.

Innocent Words, November 2015 Review of “An American Girl” EP

“Cindy Alexander is a lot of things – she is an award winning singer/songwriter, a mother, funny, a breast cancer survivor, and a staunch lover of guacamole.

On her new EP ‘An American Girl,’ the lovely songstress offer up four new songs, plus a cover of Tom Petty’s “American Girl,” along with three acoustic versions of her songs. The songwriter is a storyteller in all its capacities as she faces the heartache of a lost love (“Monarch,” check out the acoustic version) and the stirrings of sexual feelings (the opening track “Play”). Intimate? Honest? Yes, Cindy Alexander is, and she is confident when she sings these songs. “Burdens and Bones” should become an anthem for every female trying to make it in the music business, as Alexander takes on the douchebags who expect favors for helping a girl become a music star.

And let’s look a little closer into the title track, the Tom Petty cover. It’s really hard to cover an iconic song such as this, let alone take the track, which was flawless in the beginning, and rework it to make it your own. But guess what? Alexander and her band did just that. “American Girl” is a slow burner with a blues tinge to it and a big gospel chorus. Alexander’s voice straddles the lines of being vulnerable and forthright.

The best thing about ‘An American Girl’ is that her personality comes through on these tracks. It is as if she’s an old friend playing a song for you in your living room. It just feels right.”, October 2015, Review of “An American Girl” and feature

“Cindy Alexander has long been a formidable talent, but with her An American Girl EP (available October 9 via Blue Élan Records), her artistry has blossomed into works of staggering depth and striking beauty. The powerful EP features some of the best vocals of Cindy’s career. Robust, warm, rich, and vibrant, the remarkable spectrum of earthy tones coloring Alexander’s arresting performances resonate with the picturesque beauty of a Midwestern landscape.

The artist attributes the remarkable strength of this release to the fact that she’s at a place she’s never really been at before. “I’ve always had a start-stop nature to my career because, although I had a great deal of fan support, I was basically running my label from my own checking account,” Cindy told AXS in a recent interview. “But now that I’m with Blue Élan, I’ve been working on my craft on a daily basis.”

The consistency has had a profound effect on her already phenomenal talents. “If you stop writing for a period of time, it takes a little while to get the juices flowing again,” she explained. “But the more that you write, the easier it becomes. I write every single day. I get up in the morning, I have my coffee, and I write. Accessing that creative part of my brain on a regular basis has just made me so productive.”

Riveting Riffs, October 2015 Review of “An American Girl” EP & Interview

“The eight song An American Girl record demonstrates masterful songwriting, fabulous vocals, top-notch production quality and good musicians.  The opening song “Play,” written by Cindy Alexander and Dave Darling is one of the best Rock songs Riveting Riffs Magazine has listened to in 2015. From the very first bar of music this song will get you up on your feet and one can easily imagine being at a Cindy Alexander concert and en masse people rising up out of their seats, dancing where they stand and once they know the words singing them back to her while she performs.”  Click here to read entire article., December 2014 Review of “Christmas is Here” EP
“Her ability to touch people on a personal level through the genuine vulnerability in her songwriting is beauty in action. Alexander’s rich voice is more comforting than hot cocoa while her ability to paint a beautiful portrait with words and then to allow her audience to feel the sentiments behind those lyrics through her soaring melodies is simply extraordinary.” Click here to read entire article.

Revolution360, December 2014 Review of  “CURVE”
“Within moments of hearing the artist Cindy Alexander I was enticed. I was mesmerized by her musicality from the push of the play button. Throughout the course of her music Cindy controls the listener’s mood with her dynamic course of each song. She does not set you on a single set trajectory within a single song but varies her chord, melody and pace to create fitting and memorable songs within themselves. For example: Cindy can set her audience up for for n acoustic ballad with the introduction and verse, which changes into a Pop/Rock bridge, moving into a country chorus and a soul based middle 8. Although it seems on paper as if her formula of song writing is of a regular method with a simple changing of genre… the fact is that if you actually break-down her tracks and play each part on its own, it becomes a unique and memorable song to itself. She is a songsmith with an “I’m gonna go it my way” rock chick attitude. Sometimes you need to be in a certain mood for some artists, but if you give Cindy Alexander four bars of her her voice and wordplay she will put you in any mood she desires through her methods of writing and performance.”  Click here for entire article.,  October 2014 Review of “CURVE”
“In 2013, Alexander was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. The artist paid particular attention to everything she experienced over the course of that year and she compiled it into an audio scrapbook of sorts that eloquently captures and poignantly expresses her inspiring journey. However, being the vibrant individual she is, Curve is by no means a pensive trudge along a somber trail, it is an exuberant dance celebrating those moments that define us. It is a blazing tribute to life and the courage it takes to truly be alive.  By fearlessly exploring such intriguingly honest territory, Cindy has branded Curve her most compelling work to date.” Click here for entire article., July 2014 Live Review (Cindy opening for the Bacon Brothers)
“In 1928, when H. B. Reese took some chocolate and added a little peanut butter – two components that were already exceptional on their own – he created modern day alchemy. The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup has a savory flavor that exceeds the sum of its parts. Consequently, the same wizardry happens whenever Cindy Alexander performs with The Bacon Brothers. On a recent tour stop at the Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, Pennsylvania, the blend of the two phenomenal acts created an exquisite evening of pure musical magic. Alexander, who has been opening for the boys for 16 years, took the stage as a solo artist. Her relaxed candor and easygoing charm allowed her to form an instant bond with the sold-out crowd. The stunning and stylish artist sat behind her Kurzweil in her sleeveless Pink Floyd t-shirt and a jacket offered to her by Kevin Bacon. She proceeded to set the venue on fire with a blazing set of captivating originals. Cindy’s vocals resonated throughout the theater with an invigorating robust warmth that electrified the room, amping up the mood of the crowd to prepare them for the six-piece headliner.” Click here for full article. 

Songwriter’s Monthly, May 2013  Features an in depth interview with Cindy. Click here to read entire article. 

The Los Angeles Examiner, January 2013  “Every Rise and Fall” wins L.A. Critic Award for Best Female CD of 2012

The Examiner, May 2012   “…touching tunes of love, life and family in a colorful coming of age piece. The careful listener can readily understand why Alexander says: ‘I write songs and sing to stay relatively sane.’ Check out Cindy Alexander’s Rise and Fall. You too might just find its Wonderful.” Click here to read entire article.  

The Los Angeles Independent, February 2008
The Siren’s Song. One night during the late 1990s, Cindy Alexander was working as a seat-filler at the American Music Awards, watching the top musicians at the time performing on stage while others collected awards. Little did those around her know that she would soon have her own moment of recognition: being crowned Songwriter of the Year in 1999 at the Los Angeles Music Awards.
Click here to read the entire article.

Elmore Magazine, February 2008
Cindy Alexander – Wobble with the World. Cindy Alexander’s eighth album may be the one to launch this California native into the national spotlight. While racking up a number of accolades, including the L.A. Music Award for Indie Pop Artist of The Year and winning David Foster’s Start Tomorrow web based initiative on NBC, Cindy Alexander has been steadily building a legion of followers by touring with such notables as Suzanne Vega, Joan Osborne, America, the Bacon Brothers, Joe Bonamassa and the Gin Blossoms as well as a 15-show stint in the Pacific Rim, entertaining our armed forces.
The 11 songs weave an infectious theme of relationship challenges, and deserve a wobble or two on your CD or MP3 player. The haunting melodies, superior musicianship and searing vocals will have you adding Wobble to your favorites, especially if you are a fan of hook-laden Top 40 tunes.

“Normal,” begins this delicious set and, with its reverb guitar and bass intro, will have you tapping your feet and paying close attention when Ms. Alexander warns “…you can analyze me…I’ll never be normal.” Another standout track is “Bloom,” which features guest Michael Bacon and showcases Cindy Alexander’s considerable vocal prowess.

Producers and band members Dave Darling and Paul Trudeau, who also co-wrote many of the tracks with Ms. Alexander, have mastered the art of recording and come up with a sound that succeeds on a number of musical levels. On her website, Cindy tells of a major record label deal that she turned down and somewhere there are executives who may already regret not releasing this album. After you give “Wobble iwth the World a few listens, you’ll also be in Cindy Alexander’s corner. – Howard B. Leibowitz

Vacaville Reporter, September 2007
Cindy Alexander uses old-school wisdom, such as “To thine own self be true,” to guide herself through the bends and twists of her independent, singer-songwriter career.” Cynics who meet her, hearing that she has just released her fourth album, “Wobble with the World” on her own JamCat Records label, might surmise, “Oh, you’re not good enough to be signed bya a major label. And the cynics would be wrong…For Alexander clearly boasts the confident voice and musicianship on guitar and piano and, not least, savvy ways with lyrics. Based on just a few songs alone…Alexander can assuredly take her place among today’s thoughtful, folk-rock divas atop the Billboard charts and others in the nooks and crannies of the U.S. pop music scene. – Richard Banner

Pen’s Eye View, August 2007
“You may recognize Cindy Alexander. As the winner of NBC’s/David Foster’s STAR TOMORROW that took place this past November, Cindy’s unmatched talent and sincere sound blew away the competition. However, Cindy was not interested in taking home any prizes. You see, Cindy Alexander has never made music to become famous, rich or powerful. She’s made music because it was what she was born to do. And her fans agree – it is thanks to their generosity and support with donations to the production fund that her fourth album, “Wobble With the World,” is due out this September. Cindy (or Pnut as some have come to know her), has always had a mind for music – it’s in her blood afterall. One of her earliest music teachers was her grandmother. But it was her realization that the closest, most personal thoughts bouncing around in her head were actually songs, that made it clear that she belonged on stage performing for music lovers around the world. And “Wobble With the World” is a testament to that beautiful honesty. The album features a harder edge than earlier releases, providing “lyrical identity and a personality stamp,” that tells audiences Cindy Alexander is not afraid of telling it like it is.

If you ever have the opportunity to see Cindy live, please take advantage of it. Chances are you’ll end up chatting with the artist herself. But be sure not to drink too much beforehand. Her writing partner, Pauly, will tell you, “be careful what you say to her because your life may end up in a song.”

Read the full article and interview of Cindy at, May 2005
Angels and Demons (JamCat). Both brash and bashful, bewitching and boppy, talented L.A. singer-songwriter Cindy Alexander goes from soft-spoken to swinging to make, “Angels,” a brave, multi-layered chameleon that is almost embarrassingly naked in its open, complicated emotions. From sensitive, soulful artist to full-throttled diva, Cindy moves with a deft and diverting touch that soothes and surprises., May 2005
This LA singer/songwriter has been turning heads and wowing audiences in places as far afield as Germany since her debut release See Red, and with this, her third release on her own record label, I’m slightly bemused to note that she is still an indie artist. But Alexander knows all too well she doesn’t need the politics, empty promises and recoupable advances of the major label world to succeed, as Angels and Demons demonstrates.

I was certain “I’m So Sad That You’re Happy” from Alexander’s previous album, Smash, would catapult her to success, but she has delivered another song that could just do that this time around. “Immortal” began life as an acoustic ballad, but has been energized into a terrific rocker with an irrepressible melody. It’s a hit waiting to happen. The rest of Angels And Demons is not overshadowed by “Immortal,” though, and the delicate ballad “Softer,” the uptempo “Unavailable Billy” and brilliant closing track “Grace” are all highlights. The poignant “Four Hours” is another example of Alexander’s knack for lyrics and a memorable melody, while the rocking “Better When I’m Broken” takes an interesting twist with a jazzy mid-section.
Angels and Demons is slick, professional and ahead of the game. Whether or not a major deal comes her way, she is living proof that success in the music industry can be achieved on her own terms.

Yahoo Launch, March 2005
A breathtaking emotional outpour from an artist who not only has solidified her voice as a singer and songwriter, but has also ensured her place among the best of our modern day troubadours.

Mark of Mark & Brian, KLOS Radio 95.5, March 2005
We listen to a lot of cd’s…and Cindy’s stuck out like a sore thumb. That’s a good thing.

Live Magazine, March 2005
Grade A+

Easy Reader, February 2004
Cindy Alexander, Club Lingerie, Feb. 6th – In addition to the usual assortment of major concerts I see almost every month I’ve also been trying to see emerging talent, with the hope of catching the next really big thing. I think I have found the next big thing in LA based artist Cindy Alexander. I originally heard her on a local station and she and her music really caught my ear. Seeing her perform live to a full-house at Club Lingerie in Hollywood was a real treat. It was so nice to see an independent artist packing them in. What the audience was treated to is a technically excellent band, one of the better ones I’ve heard, fronted by Cindy who plays electric and acoustic guitar as well as keyboards.

She’s small in size, friends call her “PNUT” but she packs a lot of charm and a powerful voice into that small frame. She has the approachable charm of a Sandra Bullock with the vocal range of a Pat Benatar or Ann Wilson. Her musical style varies from straight ahead rock like Sheryl Crow %26 Heart to ballads in the vein of artists like Sarah McLachlan. In addition to the voice Cindy has the lyrics to boot. The songs are catchy, fun at times and deep at other times. On stage she has a charisma that is real and engaged the audiences attention for her 14-song set. She definitely has no shortage of good material. Songs like “I’m sick of myself” are tongue in cheek self-examination of the mind while “Better When I’m Broken” expands on the loss of an ex-boyfriend while “818” explores the world of a relationship of convenience that is okay until one of the other starts to have emotional needs. On the lighter side the song “4 Hours” was penned while Cindy stuck in the Dallas-Ft Worth airport for 4 hours! Many of these songs are ready for airplay as is.

It’s interesting to see a local act that has garnered a sizable following. Many of the fans seem very dedicated and you could see that many attend several of her shows. One fan even started a chat room on Yahoo. Prior to her encore Cindy called out for a member of the audience, a serviceman who had just returned from Baghdad the day before and wanted to see Cindy when he returned. He joined her on stage and got a hug from here as she started her encore performance of Tom Petty’s “American Girl”, which was the only tune of the evening not penned by Cindy herself.

With a couple of independent CD’s under her belt as well as works appearing in various compilations and soundtracks this emerging artist already has the polish and the material of an artist with several albums, not just two. For the month of March she’ll be playing dates in Europe, then back to California for more shows. You can visit her site at and get details on upcoming shows as well as all kinds of cool information and photos. What we have in Cindy Alexander is an artist right on the verge of breaking it big, check it now while you can still do so in small venues. I was blown away and I think you will be also. – Don Adkins

Pop Matters – April 2003
Cindy Alexander must be one of the most talented people in LA to not have a record deal. Although, that situation might be a good thing, because after hearing the sheer talent displayed on her sophomore record Smash, a major-label deal might only serve to poison her ability and dilute her undoubted knack for achieving on her own terms. I’ve already raved about the LA Music Award winner’s debut album See Red and thankfully, the follow-up is even better. “I’m So Sad (That You’re Happy)” and “Jamie” are two of the best modern pop-rock songs you will hear in 2003 (or even 2004 for that matter) and, like the excellent “Born Again Virgin”, come complete with some of Alexander’s trademark wry lyrics. In fact, she manages to cover the whole emotional spectrum in this collection of melodic masterpieces, from insecurity (“Idiot Child”), loneliness (“Tour Song”) to heartfelt love (“Only Love”), and the whole album is packed with contemporary-sounding pop which should appeal to the disaffected Bridget Jones generation of women and men alike. Guests and producers who recognise Alexander’s validity and outstanding musical aptitude on Smash include David Darling, Dennis Matosky, Gary Harrison and Evan Frankfort, and they are excellent judges of one of the best independent artists to emerge in recent years. – Andrew Ellis

New Music Reporter – January 2003
It’s no wonder that Cindy Alexander is an entertainment industry favorite because she tells stories — and she tells it to ya straight. She’s not afraid to tackle feelings we don’t like to admit we have. She doesn’t treat longing and insecurity like porcelain, rather she serves them up on the dinner table foreveryone to devour. – Rachel Reynolds

The Net Music Countdown
Cindy is the personification of what it takes to be a superstar. Her writing is insightful and poignant. Her stage presence is utterly unforgettable, and her musicianship is flawless. She also possesses that rarest of charisma that one cannot manufacture: she was born to perform.” – David Lawrence (host and executive producer)

Pop Matters
Let’s get straight to the point. Cindy Alexander looks great, sounds even better and has a debut album packed full of well-written, potential pop-rock hits…melodies to die for, intelligent, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, and a real vocal presence means that, in case you hadn’t noticed, See Red comes HIGHLY recommended.

Music Connection
An absolute delight to watch…Cindy Alexander doles out catchy adult album alternative that’s more beer than foam – doses of musical catnip that adapt to your memory like leather gloves to your hand…radio friendly unit shifters with one foot in probity and the other in the Top 40.

AOL Digital City
Like Joni Mitchell before her, Cindy Alexander possesses a full rounded voice with a soft, delicate nature and distinctive presence. Cindy’s highly personal lyrics are expressed via a quirky, sly sense of humor [and] her powerful songs [coupled with] her charismatic performances have earned her the praise of LA audiences and critics alike.”
Cindy Alexander combines alterna-pop energy with AOR hooks in her well-crafted, literate songs. Think of a more centered Sheryl Crow.

Sound Waters
A world-class indie artist. ‘See Red’ is sophisticated, bluesy pop with smooth production, [and] the lyrics are some of the finest we have seen in quite sometime.”

Entertainment Today (regarding Sugar %26 Spice Sountrack)
A notable standout is the lead-off track from Cindy Alexander, who delivers an energetic double-time version of Tom Petty’s “American Girl” that succeeds as much because of its own personality as the considerable pull of, and nostalgia for, Petty’s original.

Songwriter’s Monthly
Captivating Songwriter. She’s either in complete control of her emotions or ready for therapy…either way, she’s as irresistible as gossip.

Citylife, Las Vegas
Alexander can be the sexy temptress while still revealing bits of her inner self. Each tune is as thoughtful as it is addictive.

Rock City News
When you attend a concert from Cindy Alexander, you are treated to a musical vibe not often found on too many stages. Attendees sing along with Cindy’s songs as if she is a hit artist whose familiarity has been a part of the mainstream of American music for decades.

Sunset Strip Radio
…someone who can deliver songs that have mass appeal yet maintain an individual and remarkable identity. And backed with a band that has the ability thing down pat, Cindy Alexander is the center of gravity in a whirlwind of talent.

Las Vegas Mercury
Cindy Alexander’s seductive, bluesy voice catches a listener’s attention immediately as she wends her way through personal and intelligent songs. With irresistible hooks and rich, contemporary arrangements, Alexander’s thoughtful music is reminiscent of singers like Aimee Mann.

Kelly Kox, KLOS Radio
GOOD MUSIC…give me more…the best of Local Licks.

“Captivating.” – Music Scene International

“Crush inducing.” – Performer Magazine

“Cindy Alexander is a STAR” –