Singing Footloose with the Bacon Brothers. L to R, Kevin Bacon, Paul Guzzone and Me

Footloose!  My cheeks got sore from smiling. It’s truly a joyful time whenever I get to hang with my favorite touring buddies and PLAY. That word perfectly describes my job. I got to try my new tunes out in front of sold out crowds in San Diego, Houston and Lubbock. I was a little nervous about playing a rather raucous and sassy song, but it went over better than expected. It was the stuff that dreams are made of – to hear an entire audience singing along with me to a song that they were hearing for the very first time. Photo credit: Nicole Kallis Stark. Belly Up Tavern, San Diego 8/22

Left to Right: Michael Bacon, Jesse DeCarlo, Teresa Kahl (the Bacon Bros. awesome tour manager), Paul Guzzone, me, Kevin Bacon, Frank Vilardi, Tim Quick.

Here’s a shot taken backstage at the Cactus Theater in Lubbock, TX 9/22. Fun fact: look at the wall behind us. There were signs everywhere that said “Don’t write on the walls!” This was the first time in over 2.5 years that I was so present in the moment that I forgot all about the pandemic. It felt amazing to be back on the road.

Here’s a pic of me and Jesse on stage. This photo was taken by Terry Gabis, the Bacon Brothers’ fabulous sound engineer. The crew is just as fun as the band, which makes for a really great experience.

New album out 2023!

About 6 months ago, I let you know that I was recording an EP. Scratch that. After we finished the first five songs, I got an email from Executive Producer, Kirk Pasich, that said: “This is too good. Want to record 5 more?” So we did! I had the challenge of writing 5 more songs that would enhance and fit in with the eclectic mix of the first set, and I’m really proud of the material we ended up choosing and how Paul Bushnell, Zack Darling and the band brought everything to life. Here’s a FUN behind the scenes video (featuring Paul, Zack and Bernie Barlow) ~ Click below. And know that there’s a LOT more of that on Patreon.



OH, if I didn’t get to see you in person on tour, we have options! I’m doing an all request live stream (FREE/ Donations graciously accepted) on Sunday, October 30th. You can register here and then leave a request in the chat field on CrowdCast:

My amazeballs band for Don & Joelle’s house concert at Studio 519! L to R: Bernie Barlow, Derek Frank, Me, Don Adkins, Joelle Petit Atkins, Steve Fekete and Christopher Allis

After last weekend’s Private House Concert in Redondo Beach, I’m now done with live shows until next year. My focus will be on finalizing the mixes, creating the album artwork, putting together a promotion team, and brainstorming a marketing plan with my team at KZZ Music. That may be a new name to you – it’s a Spinoff from Blue Élan Records, headed by Kirk Pasich with creative assistance by Zackary Darling and Zachary Ross (the Z’s). I confidently say that KZZ and I will be delivering to you my best work to date. I want to make sure that we put as much love into the roll out as we did in making the record.

Hope to connect with you soon ~ I’m starting to plan my tour for 2023 so please reach out if you have ideas for venues or would like to host a house concert! Thank you, as always, for being a part of my musical journey.

Cindy aka pnut


Surprise, right!? Well, to those who are in the Pnut Gallery on Patreon, they have been following the process and hearing the demos over the last year.  The stars aligned and thanks to executive producer Kirk Pasich and KZZ Music (a production company spinoff from Blue Élan Records), I went into the studio last week with a dream team:  Paul Bushnell producing and playing bass (Tim McGraw/ Elton John/ Sarah McLachlan/ Sinead O’Connor/ Neil Young/ The Commitments/ Edna Swap), Zac Rae aka @grumpybeard on keyboards (Death Cab For Cutie/ Stevie Nicks/ Leonard Cohen/ Lana Del Rey/ Morrissey/ Ringo Starr), Dave Levita on guitars (Alanis Morissette/ Tim McGraw/ Dr. Dre/ Sara Bareilles/ Five for Fighting/ Sheryl Crow/ Lana Del Rey), and Thomas Lang on drums (Peter Gabriel/ Robbie Williams/ Glenn Hughes/ Falco).  Zackary Darling was behind the board engineering and is currently in custody of the tracks in order to mix! I just heard the rough board prints and they are wonderful!

I’m very excited to share these songs which run the gamut from modern singer-songwriter to indie pop punk. I’m bringing back some of the rock and quirkiness from my early days, but maintaining that sing-a-long quality and lyrics that are t-shirt worthy.  You will laugh, shake your bootie, and yes, there will a ballad to make you cry.  In a good way 😉 This group of A-listers truly elevated the songs.     (Pic below L to R- Kirk, Dave, Paul, Moi, Thomas, Zac and Zack)  Lots of behind the scenes videos on Patreon.

The “I Hope I Remember How to Do This” Tour:

In April 2021, my last CD “While the Angels Sigh” was released.  Unfortunately, all of my tour plans were canceled due to the pandemic.  So, I’m FINALLY gearing back up to lift the curtain and perform those songs as well as my new ones for a live – in person – audience!  I really hope to see you at one or more of these upcoming performances.  Singing for you keeps me sane. Sort of.








I live in my “Happy Place,” so It’s easy to NOT leave town.   My local walk “in the hood” is to places like this:

I can’t wait for you to hear my new song “House without Windows” on the new EP – I’ll be playing it live at shows before the record comes out. THIS is home – Big Sur.

If there was ever a time to come visit Big Sur/ Carmel, it’s the weekend of Saturday May 21st.  I’ll be doing a very special show at Carmel’s beautiful outdoor amphitheater – the Forest Theater.  Tickets available HERE. (Click on “Music in the Forest” through Pac Rep website)  Wine provided by Galante Vineyards- portion of the proceeds to be donated to Guitars not Guns: Monterey County Chapter.  If anyone wants to go hiking the next day, I’m happy to organize one.


Please let me know how YOU are, what music you are listening to these days and your tips for raising teenagers (click the contact page!). Jette & Perry are turning 13 in a couple of weeks – they are amazing, wonderful, brilliant and mostly functioning hot messes.   They are my teachers in this life, and I am so lucky to be their mom.  And wow does it make me miss MY mom.   My angel mama leaves me feathers and wisdom in the wind.   Chip is doing great – he has created a beautiful home studio where we can both create.  I’m hoping for a new Bella Portal CD from him in the near future.  He is also collaborating with his longtime musical partner/genius Gregory Markel in their band, All in Your Head (“AIYH”).

Thanks for reading! I have a new email platform through MailChimp, and you can subscribe HERE.  As always, if you ever want off the ride, just let me know – no harm, no foul.

For those of you who have stuck with me through the years, I am forever grateful for your support.

Sending you a big hug from Big Sur,

Cindy aka pnut

I can’t believe we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. I don’t know that I’ve adjusted to this “new normal” per se, but I am used to live streaming and limiting my social circle to a small bubble. We all wear masks and feel naked without them, and shoving a q-tip up your nose is now a no-brainer like brushing your teeth. Not being able to tour and hug people is depressing. But I’ve been saved, in part, by the Pnut Gallery on Patreon – in more ways than one. Besides their financial and moral support, our connection and interaction keeps me sane. If you haven’t yet checked it out, you can find it here:

I had scheduled a show at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles for my birthday, but OhMyCron screwed that up. The new date is Saturday, April 30th and joining me will be my dear friend, the enormously talented Colin Devlin. Doors at 6:30, Colin at 7, me at 7:45.
Tickets available here:
This is a super intimate room and it will sell out.

Please stay healthy and well, and don’t hold back your love and affection. We all need it.