“It’s the way of the world, or maybe it’s just me… I only survive when I love relentlessly”

~ Cindy Alexander

The word “Survivor” comes up a lot in a my life. Usually other people introduce me that way and at first, it felt so awkward. Then I owned it. And now, I’m kind of over it. Any of us who wakes up on January 1, 2017 SURVIVED 2016. We have all overcome obstacles, whether they be physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual. So in essence, we are all survivors. But I really want to go into 2017 as so much more. Surviving implies a battle against the odds. I’m much more than surviving. I’m thriving. I’m living and loving and manifesting my dreams. Yeah, I have my moments that aren’t so blissful. But underneath the hurt, frustration or anger is always the knowledge that I am blessed. I am surrounded by an incredible support system that includes a loving family, loyal friends, genius professionals and creative soul mates. I am happy to say goodbye to 2016, but I take with me immense gratitude that only grows deeper. Wishing you all a Healthy and Happy New Year full of peace ~ in your hearts and in the world, prosperity and beautiful music. Love, Cindy

It’s my two year anniversary of the Big Boob Off.   What is most amazing to me is that the day just slipped by without me noticing.  I think that’s a good thing.  It was a friend that re-posted my tweet from two years ago (as I was about to go into surgery) that shook me out of my state of bliss.  You see, I’m living a dream right now.  My children are happy and thriving,  I’ve been able to spend quality time with my family and friends, we’re all relatively healthy (except for today’s emergence of Perry’s chicken pox), I’ve been touring and enjoying life as a working musician, and I’ve just finished recording a new EP called “An American Girl” thanks to my partnership with Blue Élan Records.  Hoping to have discs in hand by the time I leave for the Midwest leg of my tour in September.   I’m excited to preview some of the tunes when I play shows in Knoxville, Asheville and Charlotte next week.

I guess I want to use my “anniversary” as a time to remind myself and anyone who might stumble upon my ponderings, that cancer can sometimes be a catalyst to change life for the better.  This is not true for everyone… I am LUCKY, BLESSED, and so FORTUNATE to have had incredible medical care and emotional support.  But I had to seek it.  I was my own best advocate.    People contact me regularly about their boobs.  Complete strangers are willing to tell me/ show me as if I’m an expert.  And that’s cool.  But here’s the deal – I’m not a Doctor.  I know MY body, and YOU know YOURS…better than any Doctor because you’ve lived in it your whole life.  If something feels “Wrong” or “Unusual” to you, go find out what it is IMMEDIATELY.  Trust your instinct.  Get a second opinion.  If I had listened to the first opinion (“Take your foot off the emergency pedal” he said), I wouldn’t be alive to write this.   Do what it takes to get the tests you need.  Ask for help.  I know financially this can be really, really hard.  But I’d rather be alive and paying off the bill, than dead because I didn’t want to pay the price for an ultrasound or  MRI.  When it comes to cancer (aka the little f*cker), I don’t sugar coat.   I’m happy to spread awareness, inspire healthy life choices and wear pink…but hey, let’s find a cure already!

So here is my Then and Now.  That chick on the left was scared but determined, and held on to her sense of humor and faith though a really dark time.  The one on the right sees the road ahead – and it’s beautiful, filled with opportunity, inspiration, love and a sense of peace that comes with knowing one’s purpose.

On The Road


See ya on that road,




Dude where's my Car?
Dude where’s my Car?

Thawed by the Warmest of Hearts ….

Picture of a selfie…Beth Hart and Me.

Although I felt like I walked into Disney’s Frozen movie (and Elsa must have been MAD), I melted 🙂  As always, I am so amazed and humbled by the incredible souls I meet on the road, as well as the profound connections created by music.  Thank you to everyone who hosted the house concerts, came to the shows and supported me along the way.

Because I was too afraid to drive to and from Ira Siegel’s rehearsal space in the “worst snow storm in 5 years,” I paid $83 to an Uber driver….but Mr. Uber Driver had just seen Beth Hart the night before in NYC, and reassured me that I was opening for one of my generation’s Masters.  Indeed – Beth rocks!  She performs with such rawness and abandon that I can’t imagine anyone walked out of the Birchmere untouched by her honesty and passion.  Here’s a fun picture of us.  I never got the selfie, but I got a picture of the selfie.

After two great nights with Beth at The Birchmere, Ira Siegel (an amazing guitar player, borrowed from the Bacon Bros. and the orchestra of “Beautiful” and “Kinky Boots” on Broadway) and I met up with the talented and endearing Paul Guzzone (wonderful singer/songwriter in his own right, also the bass player in the Bacon Bros. band) for Part 1 of the Home Invasion Tour.  This is where the adventure becomes most exciting ’cause we never really know what each “venue” (Living Room/ Breakfast Room/Club House/ Whatever) has in store for us!  We couldn’t have gotten luckier in the draw.  Our trio, together with my Godbrother/Tour Manager/Magician Michael, zigzagged across PA where we did a house concert to benefit BreastCancer.org, on to WV, back to PA and then on to VA.  Each home was filled with the warmest, open hearts and delicious home cooked meals.  Thank you to BreastCancer.org, Howard & Missy, Arlene, Maggie and Veronika & Jeff – they were phenomenal hosts.  We filled the rooms with music, stories, laughter and yeah, a few tears (but in a good way), and hopefully we left smiles and the spirit of the songs behind, where they will continue to take on a life of their own.  If you are interested in hosting a house concert, don’t hesitate to email me.  I will be extending the Home Invasion Tour throughout the rest of the year – hitting as many States as I can!  

Coming up:

3/27 Charlotte, NC Private Concert

3/28 Huntersville, NC House Concert to Benefit Different Roads Home / Call for more info: 704-237-8804

3/30 Nashville, TN – Daisy Duke’s – Aubryn’s Open Mic – I will be doing a “featured slot” during this evening & hanging out to get inspired by other writers
2309 B Franklin Pike

3/31 Live on WFIV 105.3  in Knoxville, TN  Time TBA.  This was the first radio station to add “Heels Over Head” into rotation and I can’t wait to go meet my “First Love” at radio.

4/16 Hermosa Beach, CA Solo/acoustic opening for LISA LOEB at Saint Rocke
Tickets available HERE!  Tell your friends in the warmer part of the country 😉

I will be BACK on the EAST COAST in July – dates to be posted soon!   More Home Invasions – interested?  Hit me up.

More dates TBA.   You can find more info and tangents at www.facebook.com/cindyalexander.music  and “follow me” on Twitter ~ I’m @pnutsings. #HITour