My best fur friend

Oliver has been my best fur friend since 1995.  The first time I brought a guy back to my apartment after adopting Oliver, he knocked over the roses, emptied my kitchen pantry onto the floor and generally made a war zone out of my living space.  Yeah, he LOOOOOOVED me bad. He protected, he soothed, he nurtured and he understood.  He knew everything about me and still thought I was pretty cool.  Go figure.  As I explained to Perry and Jette (now 2 years 9 mos.), Oliver went to Heaven to be with his sisters Kahlua and Mojo, and he’s not coming back.  And as Jette explained to me, “Oliver went Home.”

I know Chip wants a break from having cat fur in his food, but I don’t know how long I can go without a pet.  He says “you’ve got KIDS for G-d’s sake – why do you need another cat?”  Because I think that people who don’t have pets are…weird. Are you still reading?  Are you one of those who does not have a pet?  OK, maybe “Weird” is harsh.  I just think it’s a warm fuzzy to have a pet and you are more likely to be a cold prickly if you don’t have one.  Note that I italicized “more likely” so that you can remove yourself from the lump if need be.  If you don’t have a pet, I hope you at least have a plant that you water more than once a month.

I’m sad.  I just wanted to try to write it out of me but I know that’s not going to happen tonight.  Kiss your pets for me and hold them extra close tonight.