Me & January = Juggling the clutter I’m trying to move out to Good Will while pining over the ultimate release of things to which I’m inappropriately or dysfunctionally attached.  Meanwhile, I create piles and more piles of all the paperwork that didn’t find a proper place over the last year.  I avoid completing that task by making multiple trips to Office Depot to buy file folders, a label maker, and Junior Mints from the impulse aisle so that I can organize the year that hasn’t happened yet (on a sugar high).  Did I just admit that? So that I can avoid organizing ANYTHING, I thought I’d pop in and say Happy New Year to anyone who has taken the time to stop by my corner of cyberspace.   Some things to add to my Happy List:

I am honored to have received the L.A. Music Critic Award for Best Female CD for CURVE  (2nd half 2014) as well as be named Comeback Artist of the Year.  Although we did a “soft” release to our friends and fans in October, my team at Blue Élan Records knew that the holidays were a difficult time to promote an independent CD.  But NOW is our time ~ and CURVE is about to reach a larger audience.  We’re “going for adds” at radio next week!! Check back in to find out what stations will be spinning “Heels Over Head” but as of now, I’d like to thank i105 WFIV fm in Knoxville, TN for being the first to jump on board and give me an early add.   As this is my first ever radio campaign, I will never forget that leap of faith and show of support.

Although I love the writing and recording process, it’s playing live that gives me the deepest satisfaction.  I am thrilled to be able to tour this year and sing for so many of you in person.  Upcoming tour dates include the following:

January 24, 2015  Private House Concert – Studio 519, Redondo Beach

January 31, 2015 Vezer Family Vineyard, Fairfield, CA

February 1, 2015 Fenix Live, San Rafael, CA

February 14, 2015 Molly Malone’s, L.A., CA  Single’s Awareness/ Valentine’s Day show – take your pick!

March 2 & 3, 2015 opening up for Beth Hart at the Birchmere, Alexandria, VA

March 26-April 3 NC and TN dates to be announced soon!  The Home Invasion Tour of 2015 is coming together with house concerts all over the USA.  If you are interested in hosting one, by all means reach out by email or on Facebook, and let’s put something together!

Another happy note:  I’m cancer FREE and excited to being doing more work this year as Ambassador to  More info on upcoming events and campaigns with BCO coming soon!  In the meantime, feel yourselves up (that includes MEN TOO) and let’s be reminded that although Drs. know the art and science of medicine, YOU know your body.  You’ve lived in it your whole life. 🙂

The Giving Key
The Giving Key



PS:  Here’s a picture of The Giving Key.  I received one when I was in the hospital before my double mastectomy.  It meant the world to me – I hung on to it for a year before I gave it away.  It’s meant to be passed on – at a time when you realize someone needs it more than you do.  This is my own version of the Giving Key – one side says BELIEVE, and other side says CURVE.  They are available at and at my shows.


Thanksgiving is a daily practice for me.  Well, not the food part…but the gratitude.  I’m grateful to be Alive.  I’m grateful to Love and be Loved.  I’m grateful that I live in a country where I’m Free to Express myself (especially when I go TMI).  And I find that the more I am grateful and count my blessings, the happier I am.

A year ago today, I was recovering from my reconstruction surgery (The Booby Fairy did an awesome job by the way), and the thought of a turkey breast on my plate was enough to make me puke (especially since mine were in a bucket somewhere in a pathology lab).  But this year, I look forward to the feast and being able to take care of those who took care of me last year.

Besides being Cancer Free, the girls starting Kindergarten, and CURVE, one of the highlights of 2014  has been my partnership with the brand new Blue Élan Records.  I was their first artst, and the label has just recently they signed their second:  the legendary Jack Tempchin.  “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Slow Dancin'” are just two of his chart topping hits.  Of course I’m salivating at the thought of writing with such a master of the craft.

It’s because of Blue Elan that I was able to make a video for “Heels Over Head” , the first single off CURVE.  Our big push at radio starts in January.  You can help our cause by liking, commenting and sharing the video as well as spreading the word in social media.  I had such a blast making this video with director D!gby, producers Richard Kidd & Paul Yurick, and an OUTSTANDING crew – make sure to read the credits!

I have so much more in store for you – some Holiday songs coming shortly AND another video that I shot with the incredibly talented director Stacey K. Black (thank you Kevin Bacon for that referral!).  AND I’m touring in 2015 🙂  So stay tuned!

Speaking of holidays, I just put all of my back catalog cd’s on SALE at CD Baby (Every Rise & Fall, Wobble with the World, Angels & Demons, Smash and See Red).  They are buy 1, get the second for 50% off.  From what I’m told, they will be doing 1 cent shipping December 1-3.   If you’d like CURVE autographed, you can purchase it by clicking HERE (US orders only).  Here’s the best deal of all – you can purchase CURVE and my entire back catalog (autographed) for $35 now through December 5.

Thanks for visiting my corner of cyberspace and for your support.  Wishing you the most wonderful of Thanksgivings ~ enjoy your family, friends, food and this amazing planet.  Hug more, laugh louder, love deeper and for goodness sake, SING.  My 5 year old daughters just told me I should add DANCE to that request. 🙂