My daughters, Perry and Jette, are now almost 3 1/2 years old. It’s a magical time of princesses, pirates, pumpkin patches, sand castles, towers made from cans of cat food and forts made out of chairs and blankets. They dress up in my clothes, Chip’s clothes, and will snag any iPhone that an unsuspecting adult dares leave unattended. They talk about their feelings, are painfully honest, and are completely fulfilled by watching balloons fly or jumping in a bouncy house. Of course I am completely fulfilled by watching them. I am so fulfilled that I chose the ignore the goat that ate the back of my favorite Free People dress at the petting zoo. It wasn’t until I heard the Zoo Keeper call loudly to his assistant “Get Nibbler out of pen NOW!” that I even noticed.

Ever since November 1, 2011, Perry wanted to be Snow White for Halloween 2012. She’s even playing Snow White in her preschool musical. Actually, Jette is Snow White too, as is their friend Blue. I hear the program will read Snow White, Show Whiter and Snow Whitest… But today Perry announced to me (and her entire MyGym class) that she’s going to be a Pumpkin. Jette, on the other hand, has changed her mind daily – mostly vacillating between Belle, Ariel, a Scary Skeleton and a Pirate. But today she told me “Mom, I am going to be a Belle Zombie,” at which point she pulled down the corners of her eye lids with her fingers, rolled back her eyes and stuck out her tongue. I think she will be the first ever Belle Zombie.

I truly enjoy being a Mom and a Wife. But I think my satisfaction these days is enhanced by the fact that I have had the time and support to release creatively and put music back into my life. I feel like Myself again. Thank G-d. Writing and releasing “Every Rise and Fall” was exactly what I needed to re-group and re-focus. I’ve played some amazing shows with my favorite musicians, and reconnected with old friends and fans. THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me in this process, to everyone who has purchased the CD and come to the shows.

Thanks for visiting. I know I have a lot of updating to do and I will try to get to it in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! Big hug to Dave Muhr who helps me maintain this site. And a shout out to Rick Mattie and Joe Nimziki who are working hard at editing my video for “Wonderful.” Oh! Thanks to Eric Williams and Kurt Klocke at J&M Promotions, I now have new super cool t-shirts that say “Tell me I’m Wonderful”… pictures coming soon. Pair one with a CD for a perfect holiday gift 😉