You don’t really realize how stressed you’ve been until you have a moment to relax. Relax and take it all in – notice the beauty and teachable moments in the ordinary activities of daily life. I just watched the roundabout, but beautifully choreographed, flight of a Monarch through my backyard and the moment when it stopped on the leaf of my Meyer Lemon tree. I follow it around, talk to it, but I can’t touch it – it’s off to visit my next door neighbor now. Perry asks me if I always talk to butterflies and I say “of course! They are kind enough to visit – you should at least say ‘hello’!” Butterflies appear in quite a few of my songs, because they are always appearing in my life. They follow ME as much as I follow them – and I often think of their appearances as spiritual visits.


While I’m in the yard, Jette calls to me from the upstairs balcony – she’d like a waffle, the “fluffy kind” with chocolate chips. It’s summer. Anything goes. A fluffy waffle with chocolate chips even though she already had eggs, chicken apple sausage, milk, toast, strawberries….no problem. I put a couple of spinach leaves on top for a color pop (and because that’s how she pays for the chocolate chips…by ingesting spinach leaves. Green veggies are currency in my house).


As I forego the name “Cindy Alexander” and become predominantly “Mommy” for a while, I can let go of all of the administrative tasks and planning that goes into touring.   I am my own tour manager, production manager, stage hand, merchandise salesperson, groupie…..  and it all takes hours and hours and hours of preparation and execution.


As I said, I didn’t realize how stressed I was. When I finished up my dates with the Bacon Brothers in Minneapolis (I love those guys), I met the family in Seattle for some quality time and a much needed vacation. My parents treated us to an Alaskan cruise and I know that together, we’ve made memories that will last a lifetime. I went zip lining for the first time over the Ketchikan rainforest, hiked in Skagway and floated on a river fed from a glacier. We played with Husky puppies training for the Iditarod and watched fireworks in Butchard Gardens in Victoria B.C..   Yes, I lead a beautiful life and I am so very blessed.

Alaska Cruise
Glaciers are a reminder of the passage of time, and how young we are in comparison to Mother Earth. Isn’t she beautiful!?

Another nice thing about being off the road is that I get to be in the audience for a change. I love listening to live music and getting inspired by other artists. I saw Kevin Fisher last night at Seth & Tony’s house concert (he’s brilliant!) and next week I’m going to see Lucinda Williams, Steve Earl and Dwight Yoakum at the Greek Theater.

I’m definitely in writing mode these days… lots of songs floating around my head and through my Steinway piano and Taylor guitar.   I look forward to sharing them with you soon.



THANK YOU to all of you who take the time to read my Pnut’s Ponderings, who listen to my music and make my songs, your songs. You are an essential and truly appreciated companion on my journey.  Until I see you next on the road, how about registering at Concert Window, where you can join me for a live, online serenade and chat?  It’s FREE! Click here:


Enjoy the rest of your summer!

XO Cindy

Coffee in my Hood. Photo by Shannon Treglia ~ April 2014

Greetings Pnut Gallery! I’ve had a whirlwind couple of months. After my unplanned hiatus, the shows at Genghis were a wonderful way to get back into the music scene – low key, but lots of fun. Thank you to the amazing audiences who remind me why I do what I do.

Dave Darling and I have been working hard in the studio to finish the upcoming CD “Curve” and we had a fantastic day at Dog House Studio with some of my Angels.

It’s still not too late for YOU to get involved in the production of “Curve,” either by being an Angel or pre-ordering the cd. Artwork will be turned in at the end of May so please check out the January 2014 post “Calling All Angels” and see if there is a package that suits your fancy. As always, thank so much for your support and encouragement. Lots of sneak peeks into the new record coming SOON, as well as an announcement of summer tour dates including shows with my favorite brothers (besides my own): THE BACON BROS., so check back! XO pnut

Thank you Kirk, Connor, Christopher, Robyn, Kyle, Pam, Kelly, Junior, Mari and Alex for the superb clapping you did for my record. You all rock!
Connor Pasich, after doing a fantastic “nasty” guitar solo on my new song “Heels over Head” for the upcoming CD. Great coaching by Producer Dave Darling.
Me in the vocal booth – photo by Adam Southard, April 2014