It’s my two year anniversary of the Big Boob Off.   What is most amazing to me is that the day just slipped by without me noticing.  I think that’s a good thing.  It was a friend that re-posted my tweet from two years ago (as I was about to go into surgery) that shook me out of my state of bliss.  You see, I’m living a dream right now.  My children are happy and thriving,  I’ve been able to spend quality time with my family and friends, we’re all relatively healthy (except for today’s emergence of Perry’s chicken pox), I’ve been touring and enjoying life as a working musician, and I’ve just finished recording a new EP called “An American Girl” thanks to my partnership with Blue Élan Records.  Hoping to have discs in hand by the time I leave for the Midwest leg of my tour in September.   I’m excited to preview some of the tunes when I play shows in Knoxville, Asheville and Charlotte next week.

I guess I want to use my “anniversary” as a time to remind myself and anyone who might stumble upon my ponderings, that cancer can sometimes be a catalyst to change life for the better.  This is not true for everyone… I am LUCKY, BLESSED, and so FORTUNATE to have had incredible medical care and emotional support.  But I had to seek it.  I was my own best advocate.    People contact me regularly about their boobs.  Complete strangers are willing to tell me/ show me as if I’m an expert.  And that’s cool.  But here’s the deal – I’m not a Doctor.  I know MY body, and YOU know YOURS…better than any Doctor because you’ve lived in it your whole life.  If something feels “Wrong” or “Unusual” to you, go find out what it is IMMEDIATELY.  Trust your instinct.  Get a second opinion.  If I had listened to the first opinion (“Take your foot off the emergency pedal” he said), I wouldn’t be alive to write this.   Do what it takes to get the tests you need.  Ask for help.  I know financially this can be really, really hard.  But I’d rather be alive and paying off the bill, than dead because I didn’t want to pay the price for an ultrasound or  MRI.  When it comes to cancer (aka the little f*cker), I don’t sugar coat.   I’m happy to spread awareness, inspire healthy life choices and wear pink…but hey, let’s find a cure already!

So here is my Then and Now.  That chick on the left was scared but determined, and held on to her sense of humor and faith though a really dark time.  The one on the right sees the road ahead – and it’s beautiful, filled with opportunity, inspiration, love and a sense of peace that comes with knowing one’s purpose.

On The Road


See ya on that road,




Are we melting yet? How’s that tan? I have a ton of sunscreen samples if you need one. Hit me up at a show.

Oh it’s been an eventful Summer already! I’ve been impersonated on Tinder, I got not one, but TWO hole-in-one shots at the Tiki Adventure Miniature Golf, I witnessed Pig Racing for the first time at the County Fair, AND I had a dream that I was on a reality show with Brittany Spears. If you’d like to hear all about it, please come to my shows this summer. I do love to tell stories!

In between rehearsing for tour and shuttling my girls to their various activities and playdates, I’ve been writing.  Long drives on tour opened up the flood gates in my memory and some of those have turned into songs.   I look forward to sharing them with you soon.

I’ll be hopping all over the U.S. this Summer and Fall – West Coast, East Coast, South, Midwest and Northwest, and am still keeping my schedule flexible for Home Invasions (house concerts). Don’t be shy, send me an email to if you can gather 30-50 people with open hearts and open ears. Call it a pot luck and you have yourself a phenomenal *and economical* night of music and merriment!

Father’s Day is this weekend so I thought I’d dig out this little ditty from last year for you.  Chip and I recorded this in one take as a home demo, but when Dante Pasquinelli synched up pictures and videos from friends and family – the song took on a life of it’s own.  I hope you enjoy it.  You can also download the tune at iTunes and make your own video for your Daddy!  Or just send him mine 🙂

Hope to sing for you in person this Summer. Enjoy the extra sunshine and thank you so much for supporting indie music!
Cindy aka p-nut

In case you didn't believe me, here it is:  Pig Racing at the San Diego County Fair.  #1 was named Kevin Bacon.  I was bummed he lost to Piggy Azalea, #2.
In case you didn’t believe me, here it is: Pig Racing at the San Diego County Fair. #1 was named Kevin Bacon. I was bummed he lost to Piggy Azalea, #2.

PlayingLiveKLOSHad a blast from my past when radio producer Ted Lekas asked me if I had a recording of the show I did with Mark & Brian on KLOS 95.5.   My personal historian and webmaster, Dave Muhr, had that little gem tucked away and I pulled it out yesterday to take a listen.  What flabbergasts me is that it was TEN years ago! Seems like yesterday I was hanging with band mates Paul Trudeau, Christopher Allis and Harvey Lane in that studio which transformed into what felt like a living room with Mark, Brian, Priva and Ted.  It felt so comfortable that I forgot there were thousands of people on the other end of the radio waves.  Wanna hear? (The links are to Sound Cloud which hosts the files.)

CLICK HERE to listen to the following playlist:

1.  Immortal snippet, the welcome, the Jani Lane connection, introductions, Unavailable Billy (Live)
2.  4 Hours snippet, taking calls, Angels, writing regime, the early days, Immortal (Live)

3.  Unavailable Billy snippet, taking more calls, 818 (Live)
4.  Domino snippet, more calls, How I Met Paul, alienating our ex-es & performance of Sick of Myself (Live)

So where am I today??  Instead of making fun of ex boyfriends, I laugh over the silliness of my kids.  Instead of wondering how long I will have to take the roller coaster of independent artistry by myself, I (and my label JamCat Records) have a trusted and loyal partner in Blue Élan Records.  What amazes me most, is that the fans that called in to that show that day still support me ten years later, come to my shows and contribute as Angels to my recording projects.   In those ten years, I toured all over the world, put out 3 more records and an EP, got married, had twins, survived cancer and got a record deal. I am #lucky, #blessed and #grateful.

To those of you reading, thank you for being on this ride with me.  Here’s my latest video ~ meant to pay it forward and give you hope.  Please click through to the credits on YouTube, because everyone involved contributed to the magic that happens when all hearts are in the same place, the right place. Here’s Old Dreams from CURVE. Enjoy!


Cindy aka p-nut

The Giving Key
The Giving Key

PS: We are selling the Giving Key necklace, as seen in the video, in a special bundle with my music HERE for only $45 (a $75 value) ~ a portion of the proceeds benefits One side says “Believe” and the other says “CURVE.”
Cindy aka p-nut