December 21, 2011

River (Written by Joni Mitchell) <—Click here to listen to my cover of this amazing song.  XO

Happy Holidays and New CD Update!

For those of you who became Angels and pre-ordered, your patience is saint-like. I am ALMOST done. I had a photo shoot yesterday and last night, finished my vocals. Except for a missing cello part on one tune, my songs are being mixed as I type. I know that Dave Darling (my amazing produce/mentor) wants to get all of the final mixes submitted by the end of the year. Next steps are mastering, packaging and manufacturing. Should be a busy January trying to tie together all of the loose ends. I am so proud of what we’ve done so far and as soon as we launch more new website, I can have a secret back door to a listening room where Angels and those who have pre-ordered can preview the new tunes. (YES, there is still time to grab your wings and/or pre-order – See “Calling All Angels” Pnut’s Ponderings entry for details!)

And now a few announcements 🙂 1. The TITLE (drumroll) is… Every Rise and Fall. This comes from a line in the song “One Part Love” which I wrote for my daughters. It refers to the rise of fall of their bodies as they breathe. Ever since they were born, I look for the rise and fall as they sleep to make sure they are alive! 2. The songs not in any order are: Turning into You, Human, Grow Up, One Part Love, Disease, Soul Quake, Quiet Things, For Granted, Wonderful, 405, Dear Joan. 3. You rock.

I’m staring out my window down Hollywood Blvd, and I see the tree lit up on top of Capitol Records. The sunset tonight was gorgeous ~ this is my favorite time of year. I’m much more of a sweater/scarf/jeans/boots girl than a bikini/puka shell/sarong/flip flop gal. We celebrate everything in our household. Our tree was up and decorated the night before Thanksgiving and we have a giant sized Frosty the Snow Man and Santa on our deck. We lit our first Hanukkah candles tonight and are on our best behavior since Bartle, Santa’s “Elf on a Shelf” has been mysteriously moving throughout our home watching our every move. He’s in cahoots with Mrs. Latke the Hanukkah Fairy (my invention). In this economy, Mrs. Latke and Santa are going in together on the gift giving, and Bartle tells all the nice and naughty reports to Baby Noodle Kugel (another one of my inventions) who works for Mrs. Latke. This will never win me Mother of the Year but so far, this tactic is working with my daughters Jette and Perry, now 2.5 years old.

I wish you the happiest, merriest, loveliest of whatever you choose to celebrate. I embrace the hope that comes with any fresh start and look forward to 2012, especially since I feel like I’m starting all over again musically after such a long hiatus. With tons of love and appreciation for having you in my corner, all my best for the New Year.


PS:  Paul and I recorded “River” in one night on a whim- it’s our holiday gift to you.  So many of you have been asking for a holiday CD and maybe we’ll get around to it next year.