Happy New Year! January 18, 2013

Me & Janiva backstage when I opened for John Hiatt. I had blown my voice out the night before in a recording session and she literally saved my voice with a SECRET. Forever bonded.

My New Year’s Resolution:  If I leave footprints on this Earth, may they be worthy of being stepped upon once more by my children, and Our Children.

What about you?  Where is your head at these days? Your heart?  I try to remind myself that I shouldn’t take stock once a year, but every day.  I’m in a good place – so fulfilled as a Mom and a Wife, but even happier because now I have given myself the space to once again be creative, and release my excess energy, emotion and introspection through music.  My upcoming Northwest tour is actually a birthday present to myself.   And I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that my husband Chip is supporting the gift idea too and I couldn’t possibly do this without his support.  My friends and family know – I’ve missed the adventure…and the sleep.  I haven’t slept past 7:00 am in a looooong time.  I intend on sleeping until at least 10:00 am when I’m in Seattle!

I am more than excited to be opening for my new, but already very dear friend Janiva Magness at Seattle’s premier venue:  Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley on February 12th and 13th.  Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or Single’s Awareness week, we’re there for ya! Janiva is a soul sister and an inspiration.  You can read about this Queen of Contemporary Blues and purchase tickets by clicking here.

On V-Day I’m doing a private house concert, and on February 15th I’ll be at McMenamin’s Hotel Oregon in McMinnville.  This show is FREE and I’ll be playing a few sets – so email me your requests.

The tour is acoustic and I’ll be accompanied by the young guitar virtuoso Mason Stoops.  He just turned 21 so please people, do NOT corrupt him.  At least not until after tour 😉

We still have room for one more private house concert on February 16th – somewhere between Portland and Los Angeles.  Who wants to be the coolest person on the block?  Click on the House Concert link under Tour in the menu above to read about how EASY and affordable it is to bring my music into your living room.

Just spent a great afternoon with Dave Darling in the studio ~  writing new tunes and keeping the creative flow alive.  He sent me off with homework.  It feels good to be pushed to tune and hone my craft, and take the writing process a step further.  Can’t wait to share my latest record as well as some brand new material with you in person, in the near future.    Thanks for checking in,