My Angels – January 23, 2012

As I sit here working on updating my website and dealing with the manufacturing details of my new record, I can’t help but keep the following people in my head and heart, for without them this project would never see the light of day.  They are my Angels here on Earth and I am forever grateful:




Don & Joelle Adkins
Timothy Devine
Kyle Dippery
Bill & Chris Erickson
Kerry Gogan
Jeff Grous
Georges Herzet
James & Beckie Landry
Jim & Cheryl Moore
Stephanie & Michael Morris
Ravi & Crystal Nanavati
Jonathan Reid & Cindy Hooper
Andy Piper
Nancy & Gary Plotkin
Duane Stillings
Patricia Stewart
Ken Sujishi
Soo Yuen Tan
Terry Watson
James Winterroth
Karen White
John “Balloon Man” Woller

Special shout out to my Angel Joan in Heaven ~ It’s been 5 years…today. I wrote you a song and it’s on Every Rise and Fall. It’s called “Dear Joan.”