NEW MUSIC – "An American Girl" EP coming soon! (On 10/9/15)

An American Girl EP Cover
New EP! To be released 10/9/15

NEW Music  And it’s because of YOU!

September 16, 2015

Let’s face it – indie artists have no careers unless they have amazing, supportive Fans like I do.  It’s because of you that I was able to put out 6 records on my own and it’s because of My Fans that I now have a record deal with Blue Élan.   It’s because of my Fans that the last CD “Curve” reached a broader audience – word of mouth is the best promotion that I could ever have.  So I think you get the point.  It’s because of people like YOU that I can and will continue to make more music.  And thanks to Blue Élan, my new partner/ record label, I get to do it more often 🙂 

I know we’re in a digital age, but there’s something really special about holding music in your hands – a tangible representation can be a deeper connection.  I personally love opening up a CD package, reading the lyrics and adding it to my collection that I can see and touch, as well as hear.  Call me old school or old fashion – that’s OK.  I’ll own it.  I’m ….an adult (with a very active inner child).

So I made this CD for You and Me – a Limited Edition pressing that, not only will be signed personally by me to all those who PRE-ORDER it by OCTOBER 2, but also contains 3 acoustic mix bonus tracks that won’t be available on the iTunes version.  Besides this offer through the Blue Elan Website, you’ll only be able to get it at my shows.

American Girl is, in some ways, an extension of “Curve,” where Dave Darling and I dipped our feet into the Americana world with some rootsy instrumentation.  This time we’re fully committed.

I started writing the songs for this EP while I was on tour earlier this year.  The long drives gave me time to think.  Kevin So (my guitarist for the April ’15 Southern swing) asked me, on the road from Charlotte back to Nashville, how I began in the music industry…  and stories that I hadn’t told for many, many years (some that I had forgotten) unleashed a torrent of emotion and a flood of memories.   One of those memories was the original recording of  Tom Petty’s “American Girl” for the movie Sugar & Spice.  On the EP, you’ll hear a new, and probably surprising take on the same song.  I would say I’ve learned a lot, experienced a deeper level of love and loss, and redefined my dreams over the last 15 years since I first recorded it.   Also on the EP, and of great importance to me, are the originals:  “Play” is an anthem about the healing power of music, and “Monarch” is a song inspired by the book Hope’s Wish, about a little girl named Hope Stout, whose amazing legacy includes the March Forth With Hope Foundation.  The tune “See You In L.A.” was originally written with and about my friend Anna Danes, a beautiful jazz songstress who just recorded her album that includes a samba version of the song.  Of course, I couldn’t help but infuse a little bit of myself – and the song addresses one of my biggest lessons in life: Patience.  “Burdens and Bones” is perhaps the most personal.  Although it comes off as a feel good rocker, it’s actually about a very dark time in my life that I can now sing about from a place of strength and wisdom.  It’s about the challenges I faced as a young woman who met the notorious wolves in the music business when I first started.

And here’s the coolest thing – “An American Girl” is  the first in a SERIES of EP’s that will come out over the next year or so.  I’m already at work with Colin Devlin (of the Irish band The Devlins) on EP number 2.

To hear a sampling of all of the tracks & PRE-ORDER autographed copies of  “An American Girl,” click here:  BLUE ELAN RECORDS – STORE
Orders will be shipped on or before October 9.

You can also purchase and have it signed in person at the EP Release Show. Tickets for the Hotel Cafe EP release show on October 10th in Los Angeles are here:

Shake it Shake it Yeah!
Shake it Shake it Yeah!

Thank you so much for reading, for being a part of my musical life, and for your continued support.
With love,
Cindy Alexander aka p-nut

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