Paying it Forward ~ July 1, 2012

In between getting my wallet stolen, getting it back, nursing Perry through some unidentifiable blistering virus, collecting plastics for Jose (see below) and drinking a bottle of port, I booked a couple of shows.  Here ya go:

Thursday July 19th opening for Rita Wilson @ The Coach House.  Discount tickets available through me, only $15.   Special stripped down, acoustic performance with Luis Maldonado on guitar and Tina Trevino on percussion.

Saturday July 28th at Newport Dunes ~ full band show, two sets! FREE

Click on “Tour Dates” for more info about these shows.

So WHY are you collecting plastics for Jose, you ask… I am sleep deprived and sipping my port, so rather than retype and rethink, here are the Facebook posts that explain everything.

To the girl who stole my wallet on Franklin & Hillhurst: I surely hope that the domino effect of actions about to take place is all part of a Great Plan and that someone will learn something positive and use that energy to benefit mankind. If not, please enjoy some jail time and know that you robbed my children of a trip to the park, my kitten of his booster shots, my husband of my sweet disposition and me of my sanity, not to mention my merch money from last weekend’s show.

About to go to bed ~ and my faith in humanity has been restored. Pedro the Great returned what was left of my wallet (my identity in tact) and I gave this stranger the biggest hug of the year (plus some cash), with a side of tears. I then paid it forward by promising Jose, who was dumpster diving for recyclables in my carport this afternoon, that I would leave him bags of the treasures completely organized next Tuesday at 3 pm. G’night & Sweet Dreams.

Hope your summer is splendid.  Happy 4th & hope to see you at a show soon.

Cindy Alexander aka pnut