A quick update for you!

Excited to announce that my song, “I’m Ok” from my very first cd (See Red- 1999) will be in the first episode of Sony Picture’s Sci-Fi drama “Pandora” on the CW, premiering Tuesday, July 16th (8pm ET)! A little birdie told me that you may just continue to hear my music in the Black Hole Lounge…. Perk up those ears!

AND I’m joining my favorite brothers, The Bacon Brothers (Michael and Kevin Bacon), for two shows next month: August 4th at the Music Instrument Museum in Phoenix, and August 5th at the Belly Up in Solana Beach. The Phoenix show is sold out but there are still a few tix left for Belly Up – grab ‘em while you can. #guaranteedfun

If you’re looking for my long form blogs – they’ve moved to the Pnut Gallery on Patreon. That’s where we get super personal and I can tell you all the stuff I can’t put on social media and can’t tell the whole world…yet. I even live streamed my meeting at Blue Élan Records last week and my patrons participated! I’m making my new record in front of my fans, live streaming, leaving voice messages, sharing my demos & behind the scenes videos, and we’re virtually hanging out. Come join us and grab your Official Member of the Pnut Gallery t-shirt (for those who subscribe at the $15 tier or above)! www.patreon.com/cindyalexander


Hello Pnut Gallery! 🙂

Happy Easter/ Passover – whatever you might celebrate! We celebrate any and every chance we get in our family.
I leave town Monday for tour as an acoustic duo with Kevin Fisher, and wanted to give you the heads up on our upcoming dates. Hope to see some friendly faces!

TUESDAY 4/23: Molly LaPorta’s House Concert, Cornelius, NC
Open to the Public. Tickets here:

WEDNESDAY 4/24 Private House Concert, Huntersville, NC

FRIDAY 4/26 Steel City Coffeehouse & Brewery, Phoenixville, PA
Discount w/ Advance Purchase, Tickets here: https://app.arts-people.com/index.php?show=97546

SATURDAY 4/27 Arlene/ Tina/ Charla’s House Concert, Martinsburg, WV
If you’d like to attend, email Arlene at adbeee@hotmail.com

SUNDAY 4/28 Concerts on Bonnie Branch, Ellicott City, MD
Tickets and more information available here:

Live streams, voice messages and blogs from the road will be here: www.patreon.com/cindyalexander


PS: Hope you enjoy the picture of my newest best friend, Cheerio. He knows his name and comes when I call! He prefers pecans and avocado to matzah, but agreed to pose for this picture.

I’ve taken the leap…. over to Patreon!  As of February 1, 2019, I’ve established a new cyber corner for the Pnut Gallery, my most loyal fans and friends!

After experiencing the peaks and valleys of the music business as an indie artist for over 20 years (I’ve played garages and dive bars to swanky civic centers and international festivals, been my own manager, been represented by the largest agency in the world and then dumped, won a reality show and a record contract, ripped up said contract, traveled the world, and made the best of friends who make up my musical family…) I still put my heart and my hopes in music. Making music is part of my life’s purpose. I am an Artist. My career has been, and always will be, propelled by my fans. I make music for YOU (and to heal and keep myself relatively sane). The connection I have with you, the listener, is an essential part of my experience – it’s the magic, the energy, the reason I get on stage. When my songs become YOUR songs, I feel so fulfilled. It’s my job, and my honor, to contribute to your life’s soundtrack.

“So WHY PATREON?” In the ever changing music business which seems to de-value our work at every turn, I admire this platform’s commitment to recognizing effort at so many levels that goes into creating art. Unfortunately, cd sales and downloads are at an all time low (and declining), and streaming sites like Spotify pay paltry royalty rates. In order to tour and continue to create more content – cd’s, videos, blogs, etc., plus hire the photographers, promoters, musicians, engineers, editors, not to mention babysitters… I need to create a monthly income. I also like the idea of not being restricted to the type of content I can provide. I can branch out ~ did you know I like to paint? Maybe poetry that stands alone from music… Maybe a book someday! And what about those side projects …I have a LOT to share with you! And I want to do it exclusively, and directly.  I am also blogging much more regularly on that platform, and enjoying the long form/ no holes barred expression with the opportunity for feedback and conversation.

“BUT WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?” Oh so much! I am excited to create exclusive material that will ONLY be available to my patrons: bonus recordings, access to my demos, behind the scenes videos and live streams, members-only merch, discounts, blog posts, VIP Experiences, AND I intend on writing and making my new records in front of you! Yep, I’ll be testing out new material and inviting you to witness meetings and recording sessions. Blue Élan only releases a select number of songs from the pool that I create. You get to hear songs that may never make it onto a record. And I value YOUR input! You’ll hear all the material FIRST, before it’s released to the general public.

Whether or not you choose to join me on Patreon (www.patreon.com/cindyalexander), I am beyond grateful that you even take the time to visit my website and read this post.  I know there are so many platforms, and so many artists vying for your attention. It is my intention to create something worthy of your participation: a deeper personal connection, a community of like minded music fans, and an exclusive all-access pass to my creative and personal journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.

XO Cindy aka Pnut