Spring Thinking

Spring Thinking….it’s time to get outta the house!

Spring Thinking – Photo by Shannon Treglia

It feels GREAT to be Performing Again!
Putting away the Mommy Uggs to try on some heels and thigh high boots for a change.  I am so lucky to reunite with my friends The Bacon Brothers as well as amazing artists like Vonda Shepard.


Links to the Bacon Bros. East Coast dates are below and here is the link to my show with Vonda:

Vonda Shepard with Cindy Alexander
Saint Rocke, Hermosa Beach CA
Wednesday April 24th, 8 pm (Doors are at 5 – Yummy Happy Hour) ***Make sure to enter PROMO CODE:  CINDY for 1/2 price tickets! ***

So how’s your 2013 shaping up? I had a helluva time the first few months getting over that WTF-Flu I got over the holidays. I’m now a proud owner of a nebulizer. So all of you who heard me coughing after shows in February and March – I am much improved! I still have to wonder what little critters inhabited my lungs for so long. I’m sure they came from Perry & Jette (Petri & Dish). They are almost 4 now!!! Time flies – and they amaze and inspire me every day. It seems I’ve already had a profound influence on them . When I asked Jette what she’d like in her sippy cup, she said “Guacamole.” When I asked Perry what kind of music she’d like to hear for long ride to Grandma & Grandpa’s, she said “Rock ‘n Roll baby!”

Part of my goal in getting back out on the road is not only to share “Every Rise and Fall” with you, but also to reclaim myself. It’s easy to get lost being mother, wife, sister, friend….. Come meet me out there and let’s let go of all the identities that are attached to us and just get back to the basics. What makes us tick? What inspires you? What moves you? What makes you feel alive? Yeah, I wanna live and not just exist. Making music helps me do just that.

Oh, I’m still doing House Concerts and in this time of Sequestration…. there’s a sale on House Concerts 😉 So just email me at pnutsings@aol.com and we’ll figure it out. I can make it affordable, memorable, and so much fun. I’ll even make guacamole for the event.

Now, uh…I gotta go clean up a huuuuuuge mess of stickers, paint, play dough and mac ‘n cheese that has been smushed into my tile floor.

Stay in touch and thank you so much for being part of my musical journey. My music would mean nothing without someone listening.

Opening for the BACON BROS.

“Givin’ it up for your Love” with Kevin Bacon and Paul Guzzone – Birchmere, March 2013 Photo by Diane Mentzer

5/3 Keswick Theater, Glenside PA
5/4 Whitaker Center, Harrisburg PA
5/5 Newton Theater, Newton NJ

Rockin’ with Michael Bacon at the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA March 2013 Photo by Diane Mentzer