The release of a cd is like the birth of a child. “Wait!” you say…”You’re a Mom. How can you say that!?” Why, because I’m a Mom. Because the miracle of creating something out of nothing takes different forms. Sometimes it’s human, sometimes it’s art. Sometimes it’s magic, and sometimes it’s crafted from the mind, the heart and the soul. A child is all that – human and art, magic, mind, heart and soul. Music is not human, but it can allow us to find and feel our humanity. Both can renew our faith.

This has been a year of tremendous loss, felt throughout the world as we watch one tragedy after another.   To everyone touched by the recent devastating events (and I can’t imagine anyone hasn’t been), I believe that it’s a collective heart that’s been broken. We can pick up the pieces together, and carry on. All I need to do is look in my children’s eyes and know – we don’t have a choice.

“Fading out and falling away
On the path of least resistance
Day by day by day
We can change it if we try”

(From “Path of Least Resistance” by Colin Devlin/Cindy Alexander – off the new record Deep Waters)

Throughout my life, I have used music to heal, to transform, and to connect. I am so blessed to be able to make music, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.


Waffle House Love Pat
Waffle House Love Pat

First, a huge thank you to my hosts Dale Pierce and Chuck Skipper in Charlotte for the fabulous shows last month.  I hadn’t been to the South in a very long time and in my entire career as a touring artist, had never before visited these two fine establishments:  The Cracker Barrell (introduced to me by my guitar slinging side kick and fabulous singer/songwriter- Kevin So) and The Waffle House.  Chuck treated us to a tasty breakfast as well as a spatula beating and spontaneous jingle writing session.  Witness it for yourself here:

Chuck & his staff at CGG Weath Management were fabulous to work with – I especially enjoyed having Chuck and his sons Cory & Jason sit in on a few tunes.   Dale Pierce hosted an amazing benefit for Different Roads Home with some of the biggest hearts in Charlotte.  Exploring the town and hanging out with my band mates Tina Trevino and Kevin So was a treat.  OH, and I would be leaving out a HUGE element of the tour if I didn’t mention Monk the blues singing fur child of Kevin.  Note to self: Singing Dogs will always steal the show.

Monk the Blues Singing Fur Child of Kevin So

Another highlight from the tour was a visit to i105.3 WFIV in Knoxville.  DJ Joe Stutler let me play a few songs live on air and just last week, played CURVE in its entirety.  Joe was the first radio program director to add CURVE to the playlist so as you can imagine, WFIV will forever have a place in my heart.  You can listen to this taste-maker station online at  Looking forward to returning to Knoxville, Charlotte, and adding Asheville into the mix in August 2015.

Me & Joe Stutler at i105.3 Knoxville WFIV
Me & Joe Stutler at i105.3 Knoxville WFIV


It was wonderful to see old friends in Nashville including Jenna vonOy Bratcher, Gary Harrison and ShowBiz Liz Morrin.  Special thanks to Aubryn Stevens for letting me play a featured set during her Monday Writer’s Night at Daisy Dukes.  A shout out to the Hotel Preston in Nashville for the pet fish, because everyone needs the comforts from home while on tour.  This little guy was very quiet and didn’t wake me up in the morning like my children.  I wanted to adopt him but alas, I had to give him back at the end of my stay.

Here's a pet fish per your request!
Here’s a pet fish per your request!

Home now for month or so, writing new songs, spending quality time with my family and friends, and playing a few local shows.  Last week I had a great time sharing the stage with Lisa Loeb.

Me & Lisa Loeb at Saint Rocke April 2015
Me & Lisa Loeb at Saint Rocke April 2015

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon cooking soup for a women’s shelter through an organization called  They refer to the charity as serving up “hugs in a bowl.”   Together with my producer Dave Darling (who has some killer knife skills), Toni Profera and her sister Joy, we created a delicious batch of Butternut Squash, Pear & Parsnip soup.  Yummmmm.

Making soup for
Making soup for




Next up – Jette & Perry’s Birthday Bash.  I’ve been planning my daughters’ 6th birthday at Lego Land as thoroughly as I plan my tours.  Speaking of, I hit the road again in July (East Coast), August (South) and September (Midwest with Gabriel Harley).  Check my tour schedule and if you’re in the area and would like your home invaded for a private concert, hit me up!  I promise I’m “mostly harmless.” (<–according to Gabe)

‘Til later,


Dude where's my Car?
Dude where’s my Car?

Thawed by the Warmest of Hearts ….

Picture of a selfie…Beth Hart and Me.

Although I felt like I walked into Disney’s Frozen movie (and Elsa must have been MAD), I melted 🙂  As always, I am so amazed and humbled by the incredible souls I meet on the road, as well as the profound connections created by music.  Thank you to everyone who hosted the house concerts, came to the shows and supported me along the way.

Because I was too afraid to drive to and from Ira Siegel’s rehearsal space in the “worst snow storm in 5 years,” I paid $83 to an Uber driver….but Mr. Uber Driver had just seen Beth Hart the night before in NYC, and reassured me that I was opening for one of my generation’s Masters.  Indeed – Beth rocks!  She performs with such rawness and abandon that I can’t imagine anyone walked out of the Birchmere untouched by her honesty and passion.  Here’s a fun picture of us.  I never got the selfie, but I got a picture of the selfie.

After two great nights with Beth at The Birchmere, Ira Siegel (an amazing guitar player, borrowed from the Bacon Bros. and the orchestra of “Beautiful” and “Kinky Boots” on Broadway) and I met up with the talented and endearing Paul Guzzone (wonderful singer/songwriter in his own right, also the bass player in the Bacon Bros. band) for Part 1 of the Home Invasion Tour.  This is where the adventure becomes most exciting ’cause we never really know what each “venue” (Living Room/ Breakfast Room/Club House/ Whatever) has in store for us!  We couldn’t have gotten luckier in the draw.  Our trio, together with my Godbrother/Tour Manager/Magician Michael, zigzagged across PA where we did a house concert to benefit, on to WV, back to PA and then on to VA.  Each home was filled with the warmest, open hearts and delicious home cooked meals.  Thank you to, Howard & Missy, Arlene, Maggie and Veronika & Jeff – they were phenomenal hosts.  We filled the rooms with music, stories, laughter and yeah, a few tears (but in a good way), and hopefully we left smiles and the spirit of the songs behind, where they will continue to take on a life of their own.  If you are interested in hosting a house concert, don’t hesitate to email me.  I will be extending the Home Invasion Tour throughout the rest of the year – hitting as many States as I can!  

Coming up:

3/27 Charlotte, NC Private Concert

3/28 Huntersville, NC House Concert to Benefit Different Roads Home / Call for more info: 704-237-8804

3/30 Nashville, TN – Daisy Duke’s – Aubryn’s Open Mic – I will be doing a “featured slot” during this evening & hanging out to get inspired by other writers
2309 B Franklin Pike

3/31 Live on WFIV 105.3  in Knoxville, TN  Time TBA.  This was the first radio station to add “Heels Over Head” into rotation and I can’t wait to go meet my “First Love” at radio.

4/16 Hermosa Beach, CA Solo/acoustic opening for LISA LOEB at Saint Rocke
Tickets available HERE!  Tell your friends in the warmer part of the country 😉

I will be BACK on the EAST COAST in July – dates to be posted soon!   More Home Invasions – interested?  Hit me up.

More dates TBA.   You can find more info and tangents at  and “follow me” on Twitter ~ I’m @pnutsings. #HITour