Fidgeting with festive wrapping, I find people struggling to cope. Beneath the mistletoe, I see heartbreak. Illumined by the candles, I witness a world that wants to be more than it is at this moment. I don’t write this because I’m unhappy. I write this because I’m empathetic. I can’t help but me moved by the suffering I see around me, and the absolute line in the sand that’s been drawn between political sides, races and religions. It is my hope and prayer over the next few weeks, and in the New Year, that introspection allows us to commit to lovingly embrace our common humanity and this beautiful earth we are so blessed to inhabit. I am eternally grateful for my family and friends, and the heavenly gift of music that moves me, and moves through me, in darker times….. it saves me. Thank you to all of you who have made my music, your music. I’m truly honored.

I’m looking forward to sharing “Nowhere to Hide” with you on January 5th, when it’s released worldwide. 2018 Tour is in the works, so please check the schedule regularly as new dates are being added. Hope to see you on the road!

With love and my best wishes for the Holidays & New Year,

PS:  On December 11, I spent the day in the studio with my Blue Élan family recording a beautiful Christmas song by Gina Sicilia called “Shine Down On Us” to benefit the Alliance for Children’s Rights, and their efforts to help thousands of foster children.  Every stream or purchase helps the Alliance because Blue Élan Records is donating 100% of the profits.  Here’s a video from our day in the studio – please share!

“It’s the way of the world, or maybe it’s just me… I only survive when I love relentlessly”

~ Cindy Alexander

The word “Survivor” comes up a lot in a my life. Usually other people introduce me that way and at first, it felt so awkward. Then I owned it. And now, I’m kind of over it. Any of us who wakes up on January 1, 2017 SURVIVED 2016. We have all overcome obstacles, whether they be physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual. So in essence, we are all survivors. But I really want to go into 2017 as so much more. Surviving implies a battle against the odds. I’m much more than surviving. I’m thriving. I’m living and loving and manifesting my dreams. Yeah, I have my moments that aren’t so blissful. But underneath the hurt, frustration or anger is always the knowledge that I am blessed. I am surrounded by an incredible support system that includes a loving family, loyal friends, genius professionals and creative soul mates. I am happy to say goodbye to 2016, but I take with me immense gratitude that only grows deeper. Wishing you all a Healthy and Happy New Year full of peace ~ in your hearts and in the world, prosperity and beautiful music. Love, Cindy

I had to start packing for the next tour a few weeks ago because as you’ve probably seen on Facebook, school started this week and it takes every minute of the day to keep up with my kids. My 7 year old twin daughters started 2nd grade, and the biggest challenge so far has been: What to Wear. (And I thought that was MY issue!) Jette’s dressing in what I can only describe as Jazz Fusion Fashion and Perry’s look is Dinosaur Hip Hop. The first week is shaping up to be a great one – the kids love their teachers, we finished all the homework a day early and no one has lice. 😉

I leave Saturday to meet up with my Blue Élan Records label mate, Keith Harkin. Keith is well known for being part of the Irish band “Celtic Thunder,” but he has traded in the kilt for good ol’ blue jeans, singing his original material on the new record “Mercy Street.” I’ll be joining him in Indianapolis 8/21, Knoxville 8/23 and San Clemente 9/14.

In between dates with Keith, I have a lot more shows and home invasions (house concerts) so please check my tour schedule! I’m still booking home invasions throughout the year so don’t be shy – email or message me on Facebook! And be sure to watch my adventures from the road via the videos I post at

Before you go, please check out my new video for “Heaven’s Wall”  by clicking here. It was directed by my super talented friend, Nicholas McCarthy (known for the horror film “The Pact”), with beautiful camera work by Boyd Hobbs. Produced by Stephanie Paris. The entire crew was phenomenal: Jessica Mahnke (Prod. Designer), Paul Losada (Playback/Sound), Andrew Shankweiler (Gaffer), Nick Perry (Key Grip), Alex Dumas (Swing), Preston Phillips (First AC), Camille Calvin (Wardrobe), Ashley Rudder for MAC (Makeup), Bree Moffet (Hair), Jacob Rachinski (Art Asst.), and Matteo Saradini (Post/VFX). Special thanks to Kim Ferry for consulting and Mary Ann Brown (Energetic Jewelry) for the gorgeous custom headpiece.

Here’s a little behind the scenes piece of trivia. If you wonder what Jette (my angel/ the heart that walks outside my body) is whispering in my ear…it’s “Love Factory”  I know what the video means to me – but I’m curious as to what it means to you!! Please “like” on YouTube and leave a comment if you are so inclined.  Thanks for the support XOC